my review of Wakanda forever (spoilers)

21 Nov 2022

I would say that this was the most hyped marvel movie this year and I don't think that it disappointed, the reason everyone was so exited for this movie is because of Chadwick Boseman unfortunately passing away the audience wanted to see his legacy of The Black panther.

The movie started off with the T'challa dying before his sister Shuri could save him. The movie skips a year the whole world finds out that Wakanda are without a king and countries try to infiltrate to steal the Vibranium. The solders are unsuccessful in their mission and find another way to get Vibranium and this is were Namor the villan comes in he wants to protect the world from making weapons with vibranium and tells waknda to help him to stop the world form creating Vibranium weapons, But Wakanda say no.

This movie is a great action and family movie and i think it was a great ending, I would of like to see  M'Baku leader of the Jabari Tribe Become Black panther i think he would of been a better leader and fighter although shuri was good i just dont think that she is the best choice.

Wakanda Forever was easily the best movie this year and but it is sad that we will not see Chadwick in any more movies his legacy will be remembered forever and was perfect for the black panther role. 

Personal rating 8.5/10

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Wakanada was a most hyped marvel movie this year and it actually deserved it
That’s a pretty high rating. I was fortunate to watch this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it too. Made me want to go back and watch the original.
Thank you for this great and lovely article, hope for the best