Last darshan part 1

29 Oct 2022

To the delight of her parents, Chandana came first in the center as a golden moon winner in the MBBS examination. Congratulatory letters started pouring in. There was also a greeting from the mother who considered her as a daughter. She opened a thick packet lying on the table. She surmised that the words had mixed together as the drops of water fell on the pearl-like letters on the crumpled paper. She fixed the glasses on her nose and started reading. Dear Chandana! be happy Yes I am your mother blessing you. Chandna recovered a bit. Mother's letter? My mother's letter? Twenty-four years old After a while my mother blesses me with "be happy"? which mother Whose mother? Manali or Sakkhi? Chandana closed her eyes and a loving voice fell on her ears.

It is as if mother is talking. Son, by abandoning you, by leaving you in the wind, by being heartless, you have thought that I have left you for my pleasure. But at this moment try to listen and understand me. Till today I never said anything, could not even speak. The story of your birth was my agony, a mystery. Questions began to creep into Chandna's mind. The secret of my birth? Mother's life is mysterious? Mother's relationship letter after twenty four years? Why would it really be a secret? If you call me mother, there must be someone else as father, right? I neither saw him nor you. Who is the birth giver? Human or demon? Beloved or nocturnal. Until today, I was suppressed in the box of the mind, and why did the memories suddenly come out today? What did you gain by abandoning me? You were my mother then to whom did you sell your love, affection, affection, intimacy? How could you dry the smooth surface of your milk? Why have you remained invisible till today? her eyes dazed And again the same mother's voice was heard. Chandana, a mother is a mother. She never abandons her child. And a voice rose from Chandna's mind. "Then who dared to throw a newborn baby at the entrance of the girls' dormitory? why did Who did it for? What was the crime of that girl's life?" And the quiet voice of Uttara reached Chandana's ears. "That's what I want to say. I want to take the burden off my mind with this letter." Chandana, it was more painful than childbirth when I placed you on a banana leaf in the mahadwara of the girls' school. I was standing waiting for someone to come inside and pick you up. Behind the Aasav Palva tree. The crimson rays of dawn fell upon you. You were moving your hands and feet and the dormitory janitor came. Their first sight fell on you. He picked you up like a flower that had just blossomed and entered the dormitory. Picking up that banana leaf as a reminder of you, I ran to the man who was your father.

My curse was the snake in the society. Without any of my requests Not considered. His brutal treatment of me, rape was his daily game. After insulting me, he took time and ran away. I was a virgin mother but loved my womb. My attempt to meet him was fruitless but he met me hear his wicked story. I came from the village to my uncle in the city for further education. Straight minded girl. Mama used to run a drug agency. There was a small clinic in front of our house. There was hardly anyone coming and going there, but sometimes we could see girls swimming. Once Mama had gone out for work and after eating some raw food in the evening, my stomach started to hurt. The sky was filled outside. After telling my aunt, I went to the opposite hospital, Samsoom was very well. After a while I sat on the bench, the doctor came and asked me, "What's going on?" I said "Stomach knots". The doctor said, "How many months?" Do people at home know? I felt a little strange. I said, sir, I have stomach ache since afternoon. and He is staying with his uncle in front and the doctor whispers, "So you came from the village? So has the feat been done here or is it the village's lafad?" I spoke a little angrily, "Doctor sir, what are you talking about?" They put the stethoscope on my chest.
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