Notes about the BlockbusterDAO

7 May 2022

Decentralized streaming platform and entertainment studio BlockbusterDAO are being developed by the BlockbusterDAO community on the Web 3.0 platform.

Unlike other blockchain projects, BlockbusterDAO doesn't have a team of ex-Blockbuster employees working together to recapture the company's previous glory. 

Instead, the team is made up entirely of long-time Blockbuster customers who miss the days of renting movies from a reallocation.

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a group of individuals united by a shared objective. 

The fact that DAOs exist on the blockchain sets them apart from other organizations. 

The community behind BlockbusterDAO is working to create a decentralized streaming network for movies, television shows, and video games built on the blockchain.

A crowdsourcing effort has been launched to obtain the Blockbuster intellectual property from Dish Network (DISH). 

Dish purchased Blockbuster's assets when the firm filed for bankruptcy more than a decade ago. 

The DAO will be able to begin its streaming service under the Blockbuster moniker after these assets have been secured. 

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Interesting! I would love to hear a bit more on the Blockbuster DAO team if possible!
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