The earth

11 Jan 2023

Little rough earth of flesh
filled with blood so flesh
who are the clean ones?
when are people are cold blooded?
who are the clean one?

little rough earth so dizzy
filled with people so lazy
who are the hard working ones?
when people aren’t busy
who are the hardworking ones?

little rough earth of thieves
filled with liars and imps
who are the honest ones?
when people are eves
who are the honest ones?

little rough earth of gain
filled with songs of pain
to those who are in chains
when will it rain again?
to wash away our pain

little rough earth of gangsters
filled with wicked people
they say “life is a trip”
but I got robbed in the frontseat
what a world I’ll have to start from the beginning

little white earth of good people
filled with loving people
where are the evil ones?
where are the lazy ones?
O! What a corrupt earth.

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