Ocean Blue

7 Mar 2023

In the depths of the ocean blue, Where the currents swirl and brew, Lies a world of mystery and wonder, A place where our souls can ponder.
The ebb and flow of the tides, The graceful dance of creatures that glide, All come together in perfect harmony, To create a world of pure serenity.
We must learn to slow down and see, The beauty of the world that lies beneath thee. To take a moment to breathe it in, And let the wonder fill us within.
For in the depths of the ocean blue, Lies a world waiting to be explored anew. A world of pure and untainted beauty, And the chance to reconnect with our true duty.
We must let go of the worries that bind, And embrace the peace that we can find. To bask in the silence of the sea, And let the magic set us free.
For in the depths of the ocean blue, We can find the tranquility that's always been true. The chance to rediscover ourselves, And to become whole once again, like sea elves.
So let us journey into the depths, And rediscover the beauty that has kept. For in the depths of the ocean blue, Lies the magic that's always been in view.

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