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27 May 2024

Polymer Labs may be a enlarge that points to place via Ethereum Layer 2 arrangements utilizing the Inter-Blockchain Communication Convention (IBC). IBC may be a popular that lets in various blockchains to talk and alternate esteem with each different in a decentralized manner. Ethereum faces adaptability demanding situations due to its restricted throughput and tall gasoline costs. Layer 2 arrangements are deliberate to make strides Ethereum's execution by transferring some exchanges off the maximum chain and the use of exclusive methods together with rollups, sidechains, and channels. In any case, Layer 2 arrangements are not interoperable with each different, that means that customers and engineers need to bargain with numerous interfacing, wallets, bridges, and tokens. This makes touch and complexity, and limits the capacity of the Layer 2 surroundings.

Polymer Labs points to light up this difficulty by using giving a secluded IBC plan that permits any Layer 2 association to successfully coordinated IBC delivery and ended up interoperable with all other IBC-enabled blockchains. Polymer Labs will too provide a center that interfaces Ethereum Layer 2s with other biological structures consisting of Universe, Polkadot, and BSC. By empowering cross-chain conversation and esteem alternate, Polymer Labs will open modern-day workable effects for the Layer 2 environment, including:

  1. - Consistent customer enjoy: Users might be able to get admission to any Layer 2 application with a single wallet and token, while not having to switch between various systems and bridges.
  2. - Upgraded liquidity: Clients and architects might be capable of move assets and data over specific Layer 2 preparations and other blockchains, making more openings for arbitrage, loaning, and exchange.
  3. -Expanded advancement: Designers will be able to use the greatest highlights and devices from various Layer 2 preparations and other blockchains, making greater.

Testnet Process

  • Claim Faucet Here :
  • sign in and select sapolia eth
  • paste wallet and request
  • If you have Sepolia ETH already bridge to sepolia optimism bridge:
  • Visit:
  • connect wallet and accept to add test network to your wallet
  • Click on faucet and tap on Spin
  • Confirm transaction to pay gas fee Note : You will have the opportunity to spin the wheel every 2 minutes or so depending on the time given for a chance to win a random amount of Polymer Points, ranging from 1 to 10.
  • If you have gotten enough points like 30 above try to mint an NFT 👇
  • Note : Sometimes Testnet is undermaintenance so try it later

Data Ownership Protocol

Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) emerges as a groundbreaking venture, redefining the narrative of statistics control and ownership. As we look into the center factors of DOP, from its innovative technology to its comprehensive roadmap and strategic enterprise model, it becomes evident that DOP is poised to revolutionize the manner customers engage with their records at the blockchain.
Decoding DOP: The Data Ownership Protocol DOP sets itself aside via prioritizing no longer just privacy however, more importantly, information possession and manage. Operating on Ethereum L1, DOP employs advanced zero-know-how proofs to empower users with the capability to soundly store assets, transact privately, and workout specific manipulate over their token holdings and facts.
DOP’s Technological Edge : DOP’s generation revolves round zero-expertise proofs, ensuring exclusive transactions and selective facts sharing on the Ethereum blockchain. This generation is a recreation-changer, allowing customers unparalleled control and ownership over their statistics.

DOP Mainnet Airdrop Campaign Distributes 230,000,000 $DOP Tokens! 🪂
You can also earn points for free, so even if you don't have time now, save it and do it later!
✅ Create a DOP Wallet:
1️⃣ Go to the link. (
2️⃣ Click the "Create Wallet" button at the bottom right.
3️⃣ Set a password and securely save the 12-word secret recovery phrases. 📌 After creating our Dop wallet, it will ask us to connect our Metamask wallet.

✅ Social Badge:
1️⃣ After entering the wallet, click on the "Badge" section at the top of the screen.
2️⃣ Click on the badges in the "Social Badge" section and:

  • Complete the Telegram, Discord, Email, and KYC verifications. 📌 Each badge earns 300 points.

✅ NFT Badge:
➡️ An NFT was distributed to those who completed Dop's 4-week Galxe task, and if you have this NFT in your wallet, it will be reflected directly. These badges will increase your earned points by 20%.
✅ Encrypt Badge:
➡️ By performing encryption for the amounts seen there, you earn points from the badge and for every $1 encryption you perform, you earn 1 point. So, you earn points from two places. 1️⃣ Enter the "Account" section at the top right.
2️⃣ Click the "Encrypt" button with a lock next to it.
3️⃣ Send $USDT, $USDC, or $ETH from your Metamask via the ERC20 network.
4️⃣ Select the asset you want to lock from the specified assets, enter the amount, and click the "Encrypt" button.

📌 With these steps, we have encrypted our asset, meaning it will not appear on public block explorers. We can reverse the process to remove the encryption. Additionally, for each $1 transaction, we earn 0.5 points.
✅ Decrypt Process:
1️⃣ Go to the "Decrypt" section.
2️⃣ Select the asset you encrypted and enter your Metamask wallet address in the blank field. 3️⃣ Enter the amount and click the "Decrypt" button to remove the encryption.
✅ Send Badge:
➡️ By sending assets to your DOP address here, you can earn both a badge and points equivalent to the amount sent. You earn 300 points from the badge and 1 point for each send transaction.
1️⃣ Copy the DOP address found in the middle of the "Account" section.
2️⃣ Click on "Send."
3️⃣ Select the asset you want to send and enter the amount.
4️⃣ Enter the copied address in the blank field labeled "Recipient" and send.

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