TON Nomads 💎:🐟 TonFISH raised a whopping 83K TON ($188,000+) from the $FISH token fair launch, wh

19 Apr 2024

TON Nomads 💎:
$FISH Update

1.Hackers attacked the website during the $FISH claim event. Hackers sold 3,756.96 TON worth of tokens to the DEX.

Hacker's address:

2.We identified the problem and quickly stopped the claiming event.

3.We bought back 3,757 TON worth of $FISH tokens from De Dust DEX.

Buyback TXID Link:

4. @TonRaffles team has decided to help $FISH with our claims event.

@TonRaffles team is a trusted team that already has experience with large claims events.

DEX LP for $FISH is also permanently locked on the @TonRaffles team's platform.

5. @TonRaffles team is currently creating a smart contract for $FISH claims.

As soon as the @TonRaffles team finalizes the smart contract, we will announce the exact claiming schedule again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our community, and we sincerely appreciate it.

We will definitely fix this

Finally, a big thank you to the @TonRaffles team for deciding to support us.

❄️TonFish X 🌇

🌇 launched a liquidity provider incentive program with 🐟TonFish.

⚙️ Everyday, 190 Billion $FISH will be distributed among everyone who supplies liquidity to the pool.

🙏 How to provide liquidity:

✔️ Make sure you have an equal amount (in $) of FISH and TON in your wallet.

✔️ Go to the FISH/TON pool here.

✔️ Connect your wallet, then tap on deposit.

✔️ Input the amount of TON you want to use, it'll calculate it in FISH, then deposit and confirm the transaction.

📆 The program will be active until January 16th.

🎁Other incentive campaigns from 🌇 👇

❄️ TonUp LP incentive campaign
❄️ TonRaffles LP incentive campaign


💎 Unveiling @Tonot_io – a pioneering project in the TON ecosystem:

✔️Fair social referrals
✔️Seamless DID verification
✔️In-game token use
✔️No taxes


TONOT: Leading SocialFi on Telegram's Open Network

TONOT, the first SocialFi on TON, transforms digital identity in a world of "MEME-20" inscriptions. It unifies communities and goes beyond coding:

1. Digital Identity and Social Fusion: TONOT integrates decentralized identity, crypto assets, and gaming currency as a gateway to the MetaWorld.

2. Bridging the WEB3 MetaWorld: Merging TELEGRAM's social settings with TON, TONOT connects 800 million users to the WEB3 MetaWorld.

Gaming, Governance, Identity - All in TONOT!!

3. Telegram Social Gaming: TONOT serves as an in-game spending token for various TON games.

4. Social DID: Unique attributes verify digital identity and offer personalized TONOT digital identities.

5. Community Voting and Governance: TONOT enables social voting and governance for community decision-making.

6. DeFi Staking Mining: Beyond a digital asset, TONOT transforms into tokens for staking, mining, and ecosystem contribution.

TONOT offers a multifunctional social platform for a diverse Telegram experience. Stay tuned! 🚀

Details about the launch coming soon! 🌐

Check out their socials:
Telegram Bot:


🌇 has unveiled its Telegram Mini App (TMA), simplifying access to decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing users with a complete DEX experience directly within Telegram📱

🎁New Rewards Mechanism: introduces an innovative rewards mechanism for liquidity providers, allowing them to effortlessly earn extra rewards from Jetton founders and enthusiasts, enhancing their overall earning potential.

🚀 Boosted Pools:
Identified by a gift icon(🎁), specific liquidity pools on are now part of the Boosted pools, offering users additional income opportunities with high Annual Percentage Rates (APRs). Engaging with these incentivized pools is uncomplicated, with rewards accumulating in users' portfolios on a daily basis. Users can manually claim credited tokens, and importantly, there are no mandatory lock-in periods, providing flexibility for withdrawing tokens at any time.

📈Founders' TVL Increase Process:
For founders looking to boost Total Value Locked (TVL) in their pair, a straightforward process is in place:

⚫️Visit the pools page.
⚫️Select 'Boost a pool.'
⚫️Follow the provided instructions to seamlessly increase liquidity in their pair.

🙏Diverse Rewards for Liquidity Providers:
Liquidity providers seeking additional rewards can regularly explore the pools page, which features numerous offers across various projects within The Open Network (TON). This ensures liquidity providers have access to a variety of opportunities for maximizing their rewards within the expansive ecosystem.


💎 TONOT X Ton Fish Giveaway

🙏 TONOT is thrilled to announce their collaboration with TON Fish and will be giving away some fantastic prizes

- 20 TON for 10 lucky users

- 1 TONOT Genesis for 10 fortunate participants

- Unlock 1 Fish Box for 10 winners

💎 TONOT Genesis: As the first asset issued after the completion of TOT inscription, its scarcity and symbolic significance are unparalleled. Holders will enjoy reduced transaction fees on all future TONOT transactions and receive airdrop rewards of TOT sub-inscriptions.

🐟 Fish Boxes: The TON FISH BOX is the first collection of NFTs at the core of the TON FISH ecosystem, and TON FISH BOX holders have already received an airdrop of $FISH. You can also upgrade your TON FISH BOX to DGC BOX via the upcoming upgrade system.

Seize this rare opportunity!

🔗 Complete the Gleam tasks:

🚀Don't miss out! Enter now for your shot at these exclusive rewards! 🌟

@TonNomads | @TonNomadsChat

What is the difference between APY and APR?

APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and APR (Annual Percentage Rate) are two different ways of representing interest rates that are used for different purposes.

📊 APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

It is a measure of the cost of borrowing or rate of return that is usually used to describe the simple interest charged on loans or deposits without taking into account compounding (compound interest). For example, when you borrow from a cryptocurrency lending platform or invest in cryptocurrency, the APR shows the annual rate you will earn or pay, but without compounding interest.

📊 APY (Annual Percentage Yield)

This metric is used to estimate the return on investment or savings, taking into account the effect of compound interest. APY provides a more accurate picture of how much you'll earn or pay in a year, given that interest is compounded multiple times throughout the year. This number is always greater than or equal to the APR, all other things being equal, since it takes compounding into account. In the world of cryptocurrencies, where rates can be recalculated and applied much more frequently (sometimes even daily or hourly), APY becomes a particularly meaningful metric. This is especially true for decentralized finance (DeFi) and staking projects, where earnings can be automatically reinvesTON Nomads 💎:
🐟 TonFISH raised a whopping 83K TON ($188,000+) from the $FISH token fair launch, which was 83X of the soft cap🔥

🐟 Another successful fair launch on TON Blockchain? Fair enough for a new meme token in the TON Ecosystem🤔

By the way, $FISH isn’t really the first meme token on the TON Blockchain; we’ve previously seen tokens like $BOLT, which was said to be the first meme token on TON.

I hold a small amount of $BOLT (not financial advice, of course), but here’s something about $BOLT: it has a supply of 6,000,693. When compared to the supplies of popular meme tokens in the crypto ecosystem, $BOLT’s supply doesn’t quite give off the typical meme token vibes, if you get what I mean 😅

Let me elaborate. Most popular meme tokens currently on the market boast supplies in the billions, trillions, and even quadrillions. This substantial supply tends to create a subconscious perception that these meme tokens are ‘very cheap,’ especially for newbies. Having millions or trillions of tokens in your wallet gives a peculiar, unconscious, sense of wealth, you feel me?

Now, TonFish $FISH is injecting that vibe into the TON ecosystem with a supply of 420,690,000,000,000 (420 trillion), identical to a well-known meme token, $PEPE 🚬

This isn’t surprising, as they openly state on their website that $FISH drew inspiration from $PEPE. Perhaps the mind behind $PEPE is also behind $FISH — who knows? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Will $FISH perform like $PEPE? I have no idea.

The team seems to be very organized and has good marketing skills. Let's watch and see what they have to offer.

If you missed the fair launch and still want to get your hands on some $FISH, the airdrop bot event is still live and you can join here @Tonsifisifhbot.

Liquidity will soon be provided to $FISH, so you can buy and sell on Dedust and Stonfi. More details on that here.


💎 Gram20 Marketplace is launching soon.

🙏 Few days ago, the Gram20 team launched Umbrella Exchange, an OTC bot where you could buy and sell your $GRAM tokens. However, the community complained that they needed a marketplace.

🚀 So now the real marketplace will be launching soon, a place where you can seamlessly trade and discover a variety of different Gram20 assets. Here are some of the features:

⚙️Easy and Intuitive Trading: Get ready for a smooth and straightforward trading experience tailored specifically for Gram20 assets.

💱 Discover Unique Assets: Dive into a diverse world of digital items and tokens, each with its unique charm and utility.

🔒Secure and Reliable: Trade with confidence knowing that your transactions and assets are protected with top-notch security.

👀 Stay tuned for more details, and join their channel to stay updated.

@TonNomads|@TonNomadsChatted, creating a compounding effect.

In short, APR shows the cost of borrowing without compounding interest, while APY gives an idea of the true cost of borrowing or the return on an investment after compounding.

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