The value of Mentoring

21 Apr 2022

A mentoring relationship is a connection between a mentor (a trusted advisor) and mentee (a person who is willing and keen for advice). Together the mentor and mentee work on achieving the goals of the mentee.

As a mentor of many mentees, I find it extremely valuable for me

  1. To share my career journey, explain the challenges, pitfalls, opportunities and direction that have allowed me to get to where I am today. I start with this as a way for the mentor to understand more about me as a person, my goals, and what drives me personally and professionally. I then divert focus to the mentee
  2. I then divert to focus on the mentee - what is the mentee is aiming to achieve from this relationship. It could be confidence, a job, contacts and networks, practice,
  3. Know your top 3 values. By knowing your values and interests as a person you are able to build your confidence when you talk to others.
  4. Work on your pitch.. What is it that you say about yourself when you are introduced to someone new - Practice, Practice, Practice, your mentee should be using you (the mentor) as a sounding board to develop their skills.
  5. Meet regularly and discuss upcoming events and opportunities to use these skills

As a mentor, I am always amazed by the skills and motivation of emerging leaders who are keen to develop their skills. I am challenged by the diversity in thinking and rewarded when i see the growth in confidence of the mentee.

Think of the mentor/mentee relationship as mutually beneficial, whilst the focus is on the outcomes of the mentee, where you support and develop the confidence in them, you will be rewarding yourself with the diversity of thought and an opportunity to reflect on your own personal growth.

Feel free to share your experience as a mentor or a mentee!

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