Ronaldo & Binance: NFT Partnership

27 May 2024

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo returns to the NFT stage with his fourth collection, launching on Binance on May 29th. This highly anticipated drop caters to fans’ hunger for exclusive digital memorabilia, showcasing pivotal moments from his remarkable career.

A Thriving Partnership
Ronaldo first partnered with Binance in November 2022, launching his debut NFT collection. This multi-year collaboration offered fans a glimpse into iconic moments, with the rarest items fetching nearly $10,000.

Navigating Challenges
The partnership hasn’t been without hurdles. In December 2023, a class-action lawsuit accused Ronaldo’s NFT promotions of causing investor losses. Additionally, Binance recently settled a $4 billion dispute with US regulators, prompting CEO Changpeng Zhao’s resignation.

Undeterred Momentum
Despite these legal issues, both Ronaldo and Binance have remained silent on the lawsuit. Instead, Ronaldo has hinted at upcoming projects with Binance, further fueling the excitement for the new collection.

A Look Back, A Step Forward
Launched on May 29th, this latest collection commemorates Ronaldo’s career highlights, solidifying the strong partnership established in November 2022. It signifies the continued demand for unique digital assets, even amidst legal challenges.

More Than Just a Collection
Ronaldo’s fourth NFT drop marks a significant convergence of sports and digital art. It also navigates recent legal and regulatory hurdles, demonstrating the resilience of both Ronaldo and Binance in the ever-evolving NFT landscape.

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