What kind of country is Nauru?

23 Jan 2023

Nauru is a small and insignificant country, located in the Pacific Ocean with an area of ​​only 20 square kilometers and a population of 15,000. It has no capital and only one administrative center, Yaren.

Nauru History: In 1798, British captain John Finn discovered Nauru and named it Pleasure Island.

After that, Nauru became a colony of Germany and the United Kingdom one after another, and later, became a co administered territory of Australia, Britain and New Zealand. During the Pacific War, Nauru was occupied by Japan, and after some time Australia defeated Japan and ended Japanese rule.

After a long-term struggle for independence, the people of Nauru established a republic in 1968 and joined a special member state of the Commonwealth in November of the same year. In 1970, it redeemed control of phosphate from the British and achieved economic and sovereign independence.

Geography of Nauru:

Nauru country is located in the Pacific island. There is no river in the country, and the only lake on the island, Lake Buada, is also a saltwater lake. Nauru has a lot of precipitation, but in fact there is not much fresh water on the island, and the government imported drinking water for the people of Nauru.

Nauru national administrative region:

Nauru is a small country. There are no provinces or cities in the country, but only 12 administrative regions. The heart of Nauru country national economic and political development is the Yaren administrative region.

This country is extremely resource-poor country, and bird droppings on the island are the backbone.

Many countries rely on unique natural resources for development, and the small country Nauru also has its own resources, that is, bird droppings.

Nauru is located in the Ocean, and the surrounding area is endless. When many birds fly over the Pacific Ocean, they choose to live here. For a long time, a large amount of bird droppings exist on Nauru Island. These bird droppings become phosphates after mineralization, more than half of the island of Nauru is covered with phosphate. The British scientists once counted phosphates in Nauru, and there are about 100 million tons of phosphates in the country.

Nauru quickly made a lot of money by relying heavily on the phosphate export business and became the richest country.

With resources depleted, Nauru is in a life-and-death situation

Nauru endless development of phosphate has exhausted many resources. After the gradual exhaustion of phosphate, Nauru's economy has gradually collapsed. The Nauru government originally wanted the real estate, tourism, fishing, and financial industries to save the country's economy, but none of them worked very well.

It can be said that Nauru has made the country rich because of guano, and now it is gradually declining because of guano.

Nauru is the 'Land of Fat People'

After the Nauruans became rich, they began to live a luxurious life, buying planes, yachts, and cars one after another. Locals are also not working, and foreign workers are hired to work. Work is entertainment for nauru people.

Nauru government providing free education, medical care, nauru people does not like the concept of working to make money.

Because of eating, drinking and having fun every day, eating 6 meals a day, drinking a lot of beer after meals, and not liking exercise at ordinary times, obesity is getting more and more serious in this country.

93% of people in Nauru are overweight, 70% are obese and 40% are diabetic, so their average life expectancy is around 55 years.

Global warming puts Nauru in crisis

Due to rising sea levels, the country of Nauru is very likely to be submerged by sea water. The Nauru government has bought planes and ships, and is ready to move the whole country to Melbourne city, Australia, after Nauru is completely uninhabitable.


The current situation of Nauru is mainly that after the country is rich, it is not wise to spend a lot of money. People spends a lot of money at will, and drink beer with a lot of money. Their people does not think of how to revitalize country. Nauru's economy has been stagnant due to the upward and downward effects.

After the depletion of phosphates, the Nauru government has tasted the bitterness and now this country has no exports. Perhaps the relocation of the whole country will be the only option for Nauru.

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