Angel of mine

15 May 2023

Some people think there is just one, and that is the one who directs you toward the sun.

Someone they see as whole, someone they can lean on in the face of failure.

We won't ever feel lonely because you are my angel, my one and only, and my forever love.
You have infused my life with all of your love and concern.

When I understood how uncommon it is to meet your angel—or their lifetime angel—through you and my children, whose lives have just began, it opened my eyes.

Your actions have enlightened my soul.
You and your affection are the ones who have healed me.

The way you touch and caress me with affection,
Your heart pulses in my chest while we are so closely bunched together.

Everything that we had previously felt was lacking.
Today I adore you, but tomorrow I shall love you even more.

We are the strongest tree that will constantly grow and endure because of our love for one another.

You have allowed me to fully open and cherish my heart.
You are an angel to me, and you will always guard it.

You have been there for me through my highs and lows.

I just need you to understand that you are my angel.

You came into my life via a sunspot overhead, and when we go, we'll go together in love.

I now exist because of my love for you.

I'm hoping you'll discover your angel in me someday.

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