The lure of the mountains

24 Aug 2022

Is it just me, or is there something extra special about the beauty of a snow covered mountain.
Is it that crisp, fresh, clean air - the Adrenalin of flying down a run, the rush of catching some air off a jump, or the nature side of it all - the purity of snow?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been introduced to skiing at a very young age by equally enthusiastic, energy driven, excitement seeking parents.
Making that trek down through Canberra to the NSW snowfields has been a part of my life, something I have passed on to my children who now go more than me!
This time of the year, when the roads out of Canberra and the Blue Mountains are closed due to snow fall and black ice, I hear the Mountains calling my name - they’re never far from my mind…

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We should always love the nature, Whatever it may be. But we should not harm the natural resources. Thats it
This is the beautiful seen, I have seen
MBA ChitChat
Beautiful scene to look at...
The picture looks very awesome. Trekking in the mountains fells good
Most of the people love mountain. Ands that's really great
I love the Snowies!! Always a nice family trek. It's all part of it: The 5 hour drive, the stops along the way, the crisp alpine air, hardcore mountain bikers (when it's not snowing of course). I'd love to go down again sometime before 2022 ends!!
Dedicated to renewable energy, addicted to salt water, and passionate about preserving nature for future generations,
The picture is amazing. Great view of the beautiful city.
This is goonna ve huge
What an awesome picture. Whilst not something I had the opportunity to partake in when younger, I have enjoyed my time when the opportunity has presented itself.
Johnson Chau
This mountain remains me of the snowy mountains we see in Lord of the Rings. That beginning shot in the two towers where they are gliding through the mountain tops is something else!
@southcoastsurfer this is a great article, as a lover of sports i have always been interested in trying out snowboarding would be a great experience.
As a nature lover I top am very exited for the same
The beautiful mountaibs are also good
Great mountains view. But very good article