Travel situation part 3

1 Nov 2022

the main thing is that you leave your children for a day or two You can't stay either. And can't you, being a woman, wonder what must have been the state of mind of my mother when I was an only child and kept me away for the sole purpose of education?" "Mandar, you are making the mountain of Agadi Rai. Understand well no! Don't do the same to me as you do to your mother, you'll know what I mean." "Look, one thing you must remember is that even though my mother has done nothing for me, the fact that she is my birth mother is very important to me. Got it?" She used to be completely silent before Mandar's assertive speech. 

Moreover, he had certain opinions. So no matter how hard Meena tried to convince him, he would do whatever he wanted. Therefore, as soon as the arrears were received, he sent his mother on a pilgrimage. Not only that, he himself made complete preparations for her departure. As per the list given by the travel company, he himself brought all the items. Woolen shawls, sweaters, blankets were in the house. They should take the same Meena thought that it would save that much money. But Mandar also brought new ones." Seeing that, Meena said, "Mandar, you are preparing in such a way that they will never go on that pilgrimage again." "So? Tell me clearly what you mean." "So this is the only trip or what? They must have a plan to go back somewhere! Because you are ready to spend. So what is the lack of travel? And that is the only thing she does with all her heart is to collect merit continuously." "Enough! Finish your tantrum. Everything has limitations. And remember that you should not cross them." Then Meena didn't say anything. But after seeing all the preparations for her mother-in-law's pilgrimage, she felt that she could only remove the grass from her children's plate. But she remained silent until she went. But when they left, she lost her patience. Every day, for some reason, she used to get angry on her mother-in-law's pilgrimage! Meena was also worried that her behavior was not right. But that's it for thinking that children can't be sent to good schools She was upset that she was not conscious when she spoke. Then the mood of both of them went down with that argument. He used to get angry at the children. Today, it was spun since morning. Finally, she was shouting at them while studying both of them at night. At that time, her attention went to the news on television. She was shocked to hear the news that a hundred people had died in a stampede by pilgrims on a small bridge on the road to the temple in Haridwar. Because her mother-in-law's group was also going to get down to Haridwar at the same time and take a bath in the Ganges and see God and then move on. And there was a stampede on a bridge there. There was no such good news. 

The main thing is that the names of the dead are not understood in the news. The detailed news would have been known only after going to the travel company. So it was necessary to wait until Mandar came. But Meena was thinking how to tell him this. Because of course he was going to be terribly upset after hearing this unexpected news. And so it happened! When he came from the office, the children did not even let him wash his hands and feet. immediately He told the news heard on Doordarshan. On hearing this, Mandar took the address of the travel company and went out. But Meena did not have the sense to tell him to eat something. He must have been starving for the whole day without carrying the box. Tired of doing it again overtime. And this shocking news is the only one who does not come home. How much tension on the head until the full information is known! Meena too could do nothing but think. Because she could not leave the children alone in the house. Mandar did not come till morning. But Meena didn't want to stay. The children were fast asleep. Finally she rang the neighbor's bell and asked her to keep an eye on the children and reached the office of the travel company. There were so many people that there was no room to enter. Somehow she entered. From there, she saw Mandar standing awkwardly in the corner. It was not possible for his attention to go to her in such a crowd. Meena also stood there listening to people's doubts. Everyone was telling some partial information. No one could say anything properly. Then the company from the inner room The manager came out. Seeing them, everyone started shouting. Thus he calmed the people first. Then started talking. "You all had to stay here in tension all night. But we were also very helpless. We didn't know anything either. So we had to wait for the phone call from there. Just got a call from the managers of our company there and I am sad to say that one of our pilgrims Akarajan died in a stampede in Haridwar yesterday. 

We also know their names. I will read it. We will make immediate arrangements for their relatives to go. This is a very unfortunate incident which has never happened so far. The central government has announced to give Rs 1 lakh and Maharashtra government Rs 50,000 as aid. This money will be given to their relatives. I will now read out the names of the deceased. One Dwarkabai Ganesh Joshi... two..." As soon as Meena heard the first names of our mother-in-law, Meena's hands and feet began to hang. in front of the eyes She started to fear for her life in that crowd. Somehow she came out and stood. It occurred to her, why did the mother-in-law go on the pilgrimage so stubbornly? Why does death really drag people like this? Mother-in-law sacrificed her life at God's door as a vow and ended her life's journey. I was hungry for money and filled my wallet in an instant. What to say to such a terrible fortune? How bad we spoke about them! But hey, we didn't want that kind of money at all. Didn't really want to. What will Mandar think now? We cannot imagine their state of mind. How to understand him ? And no matter how much you explain, will they understand? "Slow, slow! Forgive me." So she just sat there and started crying.

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Nice article mate
very sad story, mother in-law died doing God's work. Thanks for sharing. but we need to know what happen next, this cannot be the end of the story.