BRICS Launching it's Own Crypto Blockchain Stablecoin & Payment Gateway

12 Mar 2024

USD is a bully in the world of economic disparity. They can choose their targets and file sanction. Meanwhile the war nations in middle east gets the weapons, USD as they please and when they want. Meanwhile other nations suffer based on the index of IMF and UN. In short crypto was a much needed thing to fight against the USD in the world economic market. Which made the bitcoin a hero that it is now. 
BRICS the ally nations who wanted to bypass the UN and Western dominance has now slowly growing their own lands. And they are bypassing many sanctions simply using the crypto coins. The consumers in these nations easily trade the USD and crypto is moved instead of local currency. Which is the way the USD is going to get it's grave dug into the pit. But things are not rosy outside the USD dominance. Nobody has any idea which currency to use. 
And so there comes a BRICS currency stablecoin that would be used for the internal work. And so the USD would be bypassed till the last moment. 
What does this means for the consumers?
If you are not in BRICS nations, nothing about this news is of your business. You can safely ignore this. However let's imagine you are into BRICS nation. You are going to be seeing the stablecoin nationwide being used which is going to apply BRICS internal market only. And considering this stablecoin depends on the forex market with variety of currency pairs which includes USD. You are not losing out on the international market. 
What about payment gateway?
We talked about stablecoin being used in the internal market. The case for the payment system is coming considering the BRICS wants to have it's own payment system so that they are not being controlled by IMF and the west. So this is another improvement that is coming which would be tied to the blockchain obviously. And we are going to be seeing some really good market changes. 
A lot of sectors are going to get affected in the US if the internal market trading is done through other currencies than USD. So that is another change coming in. Thanks to cryptocurrency. The UN and the western dominance is safe to ignore in near future. West put entire world hostage through wars and weapon selling but the world is changing and finding alternative towards the western influence on finance and trade. 

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