Best Free Marketing Certifications for 2023

20 Dec 2022

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving skill set. New and experienced marketers alike are always looking to stay on the cutting edge of new digital technologies and platforms to stay relevant. Now is a great time to re-up your skills in the field with a variety of free certification programs from respected companies. Here are the best free marketing certifications as we head into 2023.

Display, Search & Shopping Ads Certifications

Google is arguably on the forefront of all levels of digital advertising certifications, offering a handful of free certifications under their Google Ads banner. If you’re a digital marketer focused on DisplaySearch and/or Shopping advertising, then these three certifications are a great way to become acquainted with the Google Ads software.

While your first instinct for digital advertising might start with Google, it’s worth it to note that there is still a fair amount of traffic on Microsoft’s advertising network as well. Microsoft Advertising includes their Bing search engine as well as affiliates such as Yahoo, LinkedIn, and more. The Microsoft Advertising certificate covers all aspects of their advertising network and platform.

If you’re specifically focused on shopping advertisements and are planning on working with the Amazon platform, check out the Amazon Sponsored Ads Foundation certification. It gives a thorough, in-depth look at sponsored advertising options for sellers on Amazon.

Analytics & Measurements Certifications

One of the most notable certifications available is of course Google Analytics. There are actually three certifications available: Beginners, Advanced, and the final Individual Qualifier. By completing all three courses you will have a detailed knowledge of the most powerful digital marketing analytics tool available.

For advertisers, Google Ads also has a specific Measurements certification that goes into the measurement details in the Google Ads platform.

Social Media, Video & Apps Certifications

For both organic and paid social media marketers, there are a variety of free certifications to help you stay on the forefront of digital marketing. HubSpot Academy offers a Social Media certification on current best practices, covering all of the major social media platforms.
For advertisers looking to take advantage of Google’s video and/or app platforms, Google Ads offers both a Video and an App certification to cover YouTube, Google Play, and other in-network video and app assets.

Snapchat has also recently launched their own certification process for advertisers on their app, the Snapchat Advertising Essentials certificate, going over details of the various advertising options on this video app platform.

Content, Email & Inbound Marketing Certifications

Speaking of HubSpot Academy, there are three more certifications available that are highly rated in the digital marketing field, covering a wide variety of marketing processes. The Content MarketingEmail Marketing, and Inbound Marketing certifications are all in-depth courses that start with general marketing theories, and then dive much deeper into the details of these digital practices.

Search Engine Optimization Certifications

Regardless of your digital marketing focus, every marketer should have some understanding of SEO. The SEMRush SEO Fundamentals certification covers everything from basic SEO, keyword research, social media, and local SEO.

In Conclusion

Have you found any other free digital marketing certifications in 2022 that have significantly helped your marketing and social media skills? If so, please comment here and let me know what courses are helping you to rock it in your industry!

(This post was originally published in 2020 and updated in 2021 on my personal blog, and has been updated for publication here.)

Valdyr is a blogger living in Texas with her husband and their rescue dachshund, Henry. When she's not busy working as an Event Technology Specialist and Digital Marketer, she's usually out hiking or enjoying a good craft beer. Check out her personal blog at for more.

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