Symptoms of stress

25 Aug 2022

A lot of things put us in a state of stress. Stress from work, stress from school, stress from family, and so on. It is almost like it is inevitable. We would always encounter the smallest amount of stress as we go on with our daily lives but does that mean we should run away? No. With proper stress management, we can go about our daily lives without issues.
First things first, when can we say we are stressed? Can we properly identify or know when we are going through stress? These are some of the symptoms of stress:

Fatigue: Many people suffer from fatigue, which is caused by stress. Stress-related fatigue can be caused by a variety of factors, including insufficient sleep, burnout, overworking and anxiety. Stress reduction can aid in fatigue management. This can be accomplished by improving your sleep hygiene, changing your nightly routine, eating a healthy diet, and exercising on a regular basis. For example, one study discovered that regular physical activity improves sleep quality and reduces fatigue.

Poor Sleep: Sleep is critical to maintaining human homeostasis (i.e., stable bodily functioning).
Stress has been shown to have a negative impact on sleep quality. Stress-related insomnia may pass after a few days, but it can be debilitating if it is chronic. The good news is that insomnia can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle.

Headaches: Most people can admit to having headaches on occasion, but chronic headaches can be concerning. Chronic headaches should be investigated and discussed with a doctor to ensure they aren't the result of an underlying condition. Headaches are frequently associated with stress. Stress can predispose to the development of a headache disorder7, as well as increase the risk of developing chronic headaches or exacerbating headache symptoms.

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I think stress is a state of being physically, mentally, emotionally and even psychologically tired. I think everybody have gone through stress. Stress Can come as a result of many things some of which are over working, losing a loved one or worrying. Anger, complaining, nagging,body pain can be some of the symptoms of stress.
All of these characteristics point to the existence of stress and we don't even have to experience them all at once. When you begin to experience one of these many symptoms, you should know that you're stressed.
south coast surfer
Good analysis of the different types of stress and their causes.