Superman : Origin, strength and weakness

22 Jun 2022

Superman is one of the most popular superheroes since many decades. He is the most powerful superheroes in disney comics. Superman, namely Clark Kent is born in Kryptonite planet but after war aroses in planet , his father sent him to Earth so that he could save his sons and sent him in  spaceship and he was then adopted in Earth by Martha andJonathon Kent.
From childhood or by birth, Superman was really powerful enough and suprised people by lifting heavy objects like buses from river etcs. Superman has many powers like laser beam, cold breath, superstrength , stamina , tackle teleknisis and many others. He has defeated many villians easily and is unstoppable after the combine practise of other justice league teammates once.
Superman has together with this powers , he has weakness that he is more vunerable to magical powers. Behind this, his main weakness is Kryptonite metal. If he shot by kryptonite based metal , he gets weakness in his body. but to find kryptonite is not easy task as it's more rariable. Because of this metal , Batman once had let Superman bled blood. 

There are many superman movies and series made in  different decades but DCEU has his movies by name ' Man of Steel' and is one of the member of Justice league team.

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