Bhagwan (god)

12 May 2023

'The king said, 'Dhruvaba, turn back. I give you half the kingdom.' Grandma was telling the story by painting it. 'Then why did the pole come back?' Parag asked. 'Ah, not at all.' He said, 'Everything I want I will ask DevBappa now. "Then what?" Where did he go?" 'He went a long way. too far away in the wilderness In the dense forest', grandmother was saying. The forest was dancing in front of Parag's eyes. I heard the same from my grandmother. There are so many trees that it is dark even during the day. There is no place for the sun's rays to come. Moreover, they are wild animals. Tiger! Lion!! Snake, snake!!! Father! 'Grandma, didn't he feel afraid?' To meet God. Let it happen then. He was so determined. ' 'What the hell is certain?' 'Oh determination means that something is determined with the mind Acting as if it had to be done. Got it?' 'Yes, then grandma, what happened next?' 'Parag, sleep now. Tomorrow is Saturday. Is there school in the morning?' Mother said in between. 'Mother, let this matter be over.' 'Good thing tomorrow. Now sleep well. Will not wake up in the morning, otherwise. Grandma will tell two things tomorrow. '

These nannies are just that bad. When the game comes into play, he will say 'come home immediately'. When the matter comes to light, it will be reprimanded as 'Sleep now'. Even if it is raining well, it will not be allowed to go out. 'How is this mother like this?' Parag was angry with his mother from his heart, but only from his heart. Because mother has to listen to everything. There was nothing to talk about. He slept with a blanket. But all night long he was dreaming of dense forest. Morning school was on Saturday. Parag's friend Sameer. Sameer came late today. Already face down. In that, sir, for being late, he was given two canes. Swari then became even more tearful. He came next to Parag and sat comfortably. No matter how much Parag tried to make him open, no matter how many jokes Marathi sirs told him, his key would not open. Swari was shocked to keep her head down and scrawled on the notebook. Then the anger came. Even in the middle of the vacation, what is the same? Even though Parag grabbed the notebook from his hand, he remained silent. 'Let's take out the box.' Parag said. 'Eat yourself. I am not hungry.' , 'Not hungry? Why, what happened?" 'I am angry with everyone today, very, very angry!' 'Whose anger?' 'Mother's anger, father's anger, sir's anger...' 'Why the hell?'
They never give what they want. White boots and socks don't bring air. If you insist, they kill you.

This happened yesterday. then Sleep late at night. Then wake up late in the morning. Then late for school. Caned by the headmaster at the door, caned in class for not having boots and socks, for being late.
Sameer wiped his eyes with his shirt sleeve. "Ah, Radubai!" Do children ever cry?' Mother ever However, Parag quickly remembered the said sentence. 'Then what to do? With anyone you want to ask Who will give us what we want?' Both became serious for a moment. Then Sameer suddenly said, 'Parag, that magician uncle lives near your house, won't he give you everything you want?' "Aunt witch?" 'Oh, isn't it? On your street corner. What magic they do. Shows stacks of paper in the hat. more..... 'I know I know.' The mouth is crooked in the pollen itself did 'Grandmother says, she is not a witch. She just A sleight of hand is a sleight of hand. ' 'What? sleight of hand?' 'Yes indeed. We think everything happens by magic. ' 'Then how?' "What?" 'That, from whom should we ask for what we want?' Both were worried for a moment. Parag immediately remembered the grandmother's story from yesterday. of Dhruvabal. Dhruvabal who says he will ask Devappa for whatever he wants.

Clapping his own hands, he quickly said, 'Hey, what do you mean? To ask God.'
'What?' 'Yes. By God.' Oh, but does God ever meet anyone? Our uncle was once telling someone that God never meets anyone.' There is no such thing as a ceiling. Had met Dhruva. "Where is God?" 'What is where? oh in the forest Pollen now even It was providing information like a database. "But where is the forest?" 'Hey, what's in it! There is a forest outside the village. When the village is over The forest takes ' 'How is the forest?' 'Very scary. 'Very scary. 'Terrible? I mean how?'

'These huge trees, very dense trees, and in them tigers, lions, elephants and so many animals...' "Father!' "Then what will remain in the forest." Sameer got worried again. 'Then how will you meet? God to us?' 'O decided that everything happened. ' 'So?' Now he remembered what his grandmother had told him. 'Decision is... . That's it... To do means to do, to decide. Got it?' 'But God gives everything we want? really?" 'Yes, nothing is impossible with God. Grandma always says no. Sameer was a little afraid, but wanted to get what he wanted That is to meet God. 'Shall we go?' 'Where?' 'To find God. will you come?' 'Yes, I also want to ask God for many things. A silvery moonshine for mom, a shawl for grandma, me Great football... too much to ask for. ' 'When to go?' Sameer asked curiously. 'Um?...' Parag started thinking. 'Let's go today? Right after school? Look, I don't want to go home now.' Sameer spoke seriously. 'Hey! Don't do that.' Parag said after thinking for a while. 'I didn't go home after school, we will immediately start searching here and there. Then we will not reach any forest. So where do you meet God? to you?' 'Then what to do?' 'Let's go home first after school. Then let's have dinner and leave after that. That means no one will find you at least till evening. "Oh really. How much fun it will be then!' 'Then it's decided. ' 'Fine. ' 'Boys, as the bear called out, they both got scared. In fact both of them had sore feet from walking. Both of them had no idea that their village would be so big and it would be evening by the time they left the village. The lunch was always digested. Afternoon milk, biscuits, everything was missing. And now the stomach started to rumble. From it That ghatingan who calls and calls. Father Red! What a man he was. Time difference! Lungi and Banyan. A colorful handkerchief is tied around the neck. Twisted hair, big moustache, red red eyes. This is how the gangster's grandfather looks like in the movie. A thought came to both of them.

We don't want to stop. Both marked each other with eyes. And they started walking faster. They almost started running, but was that Ghartigan less than them? He reached the two of them in five minutes by throwing a long tail. Both hands grabbed the collars on the necks of both shirts. 'Where are you going?' He shouted loudly. He rolled his red eyes with anger. Seeing that avatar of him, both of them were very scared. 'Where did you go?' he shouted back. Both remained silent looking at each other. What am I asking? ? Are you deaf? Um?' He raised a loud voice. Parag uncle said, 'We um we... in the temple outside the village... in the temple of the goddess...' 'Are you lying? Devi's shrine is on the side and which goddess are you looking for here? Um? Can we straighten each other out? No one can lie to this Dada.' He moved his right hand over his mustache. 'There are not enough boys this year, they try to deceive me. Come with me.' He jerked them both. So they started walking with him. Both of them were actually shaking with fear. Pushing both of them into his hut, he too came inside. When they came, he first locked the door of the hut and turned inside and placed two on the cheeks of both of them. Both were sad. He stood rubbing his cheeks. 'Tell me the truth, did you run away from home or not? a word If you lie, I will tear you apart.' Both of them nodded politely. Why didn't Sukh's meal go home? Well, I wanted two or three boys for the business. Got it for free. I will send my cousins to Kerala tomorrow. He was muttering for a while. It was now well dark. Whatever came to his mind, he opened the door. Again, he took a jab from outside and left. Even after he left, Parag and Sameer were silent for a long time. After a while, the sound of Sameer's grunt was heard. The hut had only a flickering chimney. It looked dim in that light. 'Are you crying Sameer?' 'So what to do? He went to search for God and met this demon. ' 'Don't cry. Let's see if there are any doors and windows at the back. Go run away.' After walking around for a while, Parag came back and sat down. 'What the hell?' Sameer asked curiously. 'Um yeah. There is no way out.' 'Now? How to do now? What did Dhruva do in that thing?' 'I don't know. He may not have met a monster. "You just came.

How many will be looking at home. Mother must be crying a lot. ' 'My mother too and grandmother too.' The memories of home made both of them happy. 'Both of us are asses.' Sameer said crying. Just then the door rang. Both Silence again.

'What are you doing guys? come here Is he saying this?" Dosh moved forward trembling. What is he doing now? Killing or what? He was shocked by this idea. 'Where did the two men go?' Both kept looking at each other. 'Oh what am I asking? Answer me. Where are you going?" 'To find God.' Parag said Hearing this, he laughed out loud. 'What? to find Hai hai hai hai hai hai what do you do? " to god No no. Not having fun. Really tell. Aishapath, Devashpath. Tell the truth. I was going to find God.' Sameer quickly clarified. 'Does God ever meet anyone? Um?' 'Yes. Didn't you meet Dhruva? Grandma said.' 'Why do you need God?' Now he too was enjoying these children. His voice had dropped to a lower bar. "Oh God only gives us what we want?" Sameer said. "What did you want?" "I wanted white boots and socks. Lots of food, clothes, Toys, always the first number.... Sameer kept repeating. The fear of honey was buried somewhere. "And you?" 'Football for me, saree for mother' Paragne Pusti 'Suppose you have just met God.' added 'Now? Will God meet us now?' Both exactly screamed 'Oh, I said suppose, didn't I? Do you think they teach in school?' 'Similarly, imagine what you would do if you met God right now Ask?' 'Tell him to go back to mom and dad.' Parag Sameer said in a voice. Dada thought for a while. 'What is your name?' 'I am Parag Deshpande. "And yours?" My name is Sameer Jadhav. "Where do you live?" Both of them gave their addresses. Dada wrote it down on a piece of paper. Then his posture stiffened again. He took out a bundle of shaving cream from a nearby bag and held it in front of Sameer-Parag. The children, who had been calm until now, were frightened again. 'Eat, you don't want to sleep hungry. Then you will bother me all night.' He snorted again. Both were scared again. He put his hands in front of him and started eating shavings. Sometime they fell asleep while secretly giving dowries. Dada woke them up early in the morning. He poured tea from a broken cup and took them out of the hut. A rickshaw was parked outside. Forced into her. 'Look, I will take the rickshaw to go there. Don't be too clever.' Dada was shouting. 'Don't make a mess on the way. Do not shout. Absolutely secretly.

I am on the back of the bicycle. If you shout, I will show you a good Inga. Dada gave one last shout and the rickshaw started. in a rickshaw Both were sitting holding each other. Everything in front

Darkness... it was dark. 'Get off.' The rickshaw puller shouted. Both of them got down in fear. Geeti was thinking that where have we come? Probably the station. Both of their trembling feet hit the ground. Clutching an old bag in his hand, the rickshaw puller sped back and forth, out of sight. Both rubbed their eyes and looked around and were shocked. 'Oh... oh... this is a shop near your house and...' Sameer was saying. Both were standing near Parag's house. When he realized this, he was happy to get Tribhuvan. Both ran into Parag's house, 'mother 335 grandmother Parag shouted loudly. There was light in the house. Everyone was awake all night with worry. Mother hugged Parag. Grandma made a shower of dumb words. Baba immediately called and gave the uniform to Sameer and the police that the children had arrived. 'Oh, but where do they suddenly go?' Everyone asked, both of them were surprised, they didn't know what to say. 'What's in your hand, Sameer?' Sameer immediately remembered the bag. 'This is given by the rickshaw puller. Parag's father took this bag and took out the contents. There were white boots and socks, boxes of biscuits, nice books, colorful clothes and a letter written in big letters around the corner. Baba read it aloud. 'Boys, you set out to find God, but you meet a monster. I will make you do bad work Yes, but I felt ashamed after hearing all of you. What a misfortune to fall into the hands of a demon while searching for God! My life was ruined by one such monster. Boys, I may not be a god to you, but at least I decided not to be a monster. That is why I am sending you home. Study well... the main thing is never to leave home again. yours Shankardada. When the letter ended, tears were flowing from everyone's eyes. Baba's eyes were also wet. 'What a terrible situation you had caused.' Baba was saying. 'Meet you, Father God.' Aji rolled her eyes said 'How the hell?' Parag asked. Oh God - the monster is all in man. Now this is your grandfather. When His goodness awakened, He became God for you and us. God is like that. There is no need to go to the forest to find him.'

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