Nature: Bees Part-1

30 Aug 2022
Nature: Bees… This universe rests on their hard work

Our work rests on the hard work of the bees. We eat their hard work. They pollinate more than 2.5 lakh trees and plants.

It was a day in February. Some fourteen or fifteen years ago. There is a village on the way of Meerut-Baghpat. Rohta. We two friends were staying at another friend's house living in Rohta.

It was very cold that year. There is no sight of the sun day in and day out. Far and wide fields were submerged in the mist. The poplar trees standing on the rows between the high sugarcane fields, losing all their leaves, would stand bare-faced. with embarrassment. Due to their nakedness, the differences of the birds would also have been exposed.

Nests trapped in the middle of bare twigs glowed from afar. Mustard beds would have been planted in the middle of the wheat fields. But, the more severe the night, the more colorful the morning, as the winter ran away very fast. With such a speed that it seemed that how soon it was, he had to leave. Then why did he keep showing his atrocities here for so many days.

To Be Continue In Next Part..

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Bees not only give us valuable products, but they are also essential for pollination, a very important process in plants. More than 100 plants like apple, almond, litchi, lemon, mango, gooseberry, guava, zucchini, tomato, brinjal, mustard and sunflower etc. depend on bees for pollination.
Bees are very important for life, because all the fruits, vegetables or grains we eat do not only require water, sunlight and soil to grow, but insects and mites also have a special contribution in it. A large part of agriculture in the world is dependent on this pest.
For several reasons, the Royal Geographical Society of London declared the bee the most important for life on Earth. But the sad thing is that their number is continuously decreasing due to human activities and pollution. According to wildlife experts and scientists, bees have also joined the list of extinct species.