Wanda loses Children and Vision

19 Jun 2022

At conversation between Agatha and Wanda ,Agatha freed people and they were angry with Wanda so ,she broke the hex and people get out safely. In the same time, Sword army also arrived. Monica Rambo and Wanda's children deals with sword army.
Meanwhile, Agatha said she will make Westview a better place if she got Wanda's powers.Wanda knows her intention and fights with her creating her own space where Agatha can't use her magic. Wanda then defeat Agatha . The fight betand make her Aganess for future help.Vison and WhiteVision stopped by 'Ship of Thesis ' Examples and Visoin resets his memory.
Wanda had final meeting with her children and Vision. She has  started to learn about Darkhold in somewhere village of Sokovia. Wanda now can have a complete control over her own Astral body which she uses to read Darkhold. She hear the sounds of her children begging for help. Then ,she realises someone took her children and they are not dead.
In upcoming days, she will try to get her children back at any costs and this story is shown in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. More blogs on what happens to Wanda will be come in later days only.

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