Why captain Marvel is hated so much??

9 Jul 2022

Captain marvel is one of the most strongest character in Marvel cinematic universe and Marvel comics . She has stopped infinity Gauntlet Thanos for a while in endgame, she had helped Tony return to Earth from space and she helped many people across galaxies and Planet to re-establish and she has been among the important character when it comes to great threats in Earth . After all these also, captain Marvel is hated so much . Let's talk on this.

1.  It's not only about character but a Actor who performed it's role in MCU . Many people thinks in screen also , Captain Marvel character is too powerful as well as with ego all the time.
2.  Many fans don't appreciate her strength compared to Thor and Wanda ,so some fans of Thor and Wanda doesn't care of her.
5. In most of time , we only see Captain Marvel saying that she has many things to solves in outer space than Earth but we are still unknown about many incident Captain Marvel doing there is. 
4. We don't see Captain marvel power increasing steps by steps rather it's her full potential From the beginning .

This is a reference from many fanpage  .

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1 Comment

I can't forget this movies seen, this is most powerful character in all superhero of avengers.