The poem of fear pt 1

4 Jan 2023

Fear grips me like a vice
I set my alarms, trying to outsmart it
In school, I give it my all to avoid it
But its partner, failure, always lingers
At home, disappointment is its kin
To keep fear at bay, I rise with the dawn
But heartbreak is like a knife to the side, cutting ties before I drown in deeper despair
So fear becomes my companion, showing me how to navigate a cold world
But death, its parent, takes my hand and breathes life into my lungs

It comes with tales of woe
The first time we met, fear took from me and gave me doubt in return
Doubt that fueled the wheels of my mind, turning and turning until they froze with ice
I offered myself up, but death would not have me
He cried tears I couldn't, immune to doubt
So I stayed, lighting a candle to guide my way
But I built a home for Frankenstein's monster inside me

Then fear came again, taking what wasn't offered, but  was ready to leave
And then she came, another touched one, illuminating the room with warmth like nothing I had ever known
I trusted the little light and slept, until it all burned down

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