Don't be late

10 Jan 2023

Now that I am healthy, living, and in good spirits, treat me with love, dignity, respect, and compassion.

Don't wait to learn that I am ill and about to pass away.

to adore me like I was intended to be adored.

Just because, send me flowers and candy any day.

Don't wait for a holiday; show me your love and devotion constantly.

Tell me I'm gorgeous.

See how lovely my body and spirit are.

Don't wait till you can see how ugly I am before telling me I'm lovely, even if you know that's what I want to hear.

Now, please speak to me tenderly so I can hear your lovely voice and hear the ringing of your laughter.

Please refrain from speaking to me in this manner now that I am deaf and cannot hear your lovely voice.

Speak with love and care so that when I hear those discussions again, I will remember them.

One day you'll be sorry and you'll be sad!

Treat me like a person who needs to live my life, not yours, and who deserves respect!

Keep in mind that you were given a life to live as you please by our Creator.

Let me spend my life alone!

I merely listen to you and offer you support—I don't tell you what you should or shouldn't do.

Why are you unable to do so?

You are like this, and I am like that.

That is a result of our differences...

We are special; can we not compromise?

Put the past behind you and carry forward.

Your soul and body can both be freed.

Take use of the limited time we have left to live and love.

The rest will gradually come into place.

Right now, I'm terminally ill.

You are now making an effort to show me your affection by giving me flowers, petting my hair, and saying sweet things.

Why did we squander so much time and years?

Just to be together now, when I am too sick or frail to appreciate your gifts?

Love me right now

As your sister, brother, spouse, daughter, son, niece, nephew, husband, or other family member...

Avoid leaving it too late!

Don't hold off till I leave.

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