Futures Trading

18 Oct 2022

Futures are financial agreements between two partiesβ€”a buyer and a sellerβ€”to trade an underlying market for a predetermined sum at a later time. With futures, the seller is obligated to sell at or before the contract's expiration, and the buyer is obligated to buy the underlying market.

With us, you can use CFDs to speculatively predict whether the price of a futures contract will increase or decrease. You don't have to buy or sell these items because they are financial derivatives, and you won't be claiming ownership of the underlying asset either. By using CFDs to speculate, you will instead get exposure to the underlying futures contract. Your futures trades will therefore be leveraged.

Leverage increases both your gains and losses because they take into account the entire exposure of the trade rather than simply the margin needed to open it. This implies that both earnings and losses could significantly exceed your margin, so always make sure you're trading within your means.

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