Should you watch 'The Boys' ??

8 Jul 2022

The Boys is television series streaming in Amazon prime Video. This television series is about the superhero who are eventually corrupted by some organisation named 'Vought'. The Boys is seperate universe where the superheroes are called by 'supes'. The Boys actually is group of normal human who tries to show the hidden truth of superheroes and bad deeds.

As this is from comics of the same name and is Televsion series , there are lots of important character. Since , being superhero characters, most of heroes resembles to other superhero we used to see in Marvel and Disney comics.Apart from it, The boys has lots of adult scene, brutal attack , violence ,blackmail and extreme level murder scene. Each character has well performance.
To be honest , being superhero series , it don't have complex story related to space, timeline and others. It's story as simple as straight to time.
The best part of Television series is that what will happen eventually when all superheroes turned supervillian and the whole system like politics is involved in it. The 'Vought' company provides the superhero packages and heroes only serve those poeple who they are told to do so by company. Although , they are corrupted and bad, they still are blindly followed by normal people as they always hide the real truth amongs. Here, superhero does a lots of advertistment about products and many things as real celebereties.

Thus ,till now we mostly have watched television series and movies where superhero protect and help to fight aganist bad , but in 'Boys' universe the things are just opposite , they do whatever they want and people blindly followed it. Since, the series about the struggle of normal human who called themselves 'The Boys' so is the name of series 'The Boys'. I probably will write more about 'The Boys' universe characters in upcoming blogs. Thus , being simply it carries differnt storys , it must worth watching . It's rating is 8.7/10 ,pretty good obvious.

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Seen snapshots of this series seems very gory
The boys is a great picture Literally loved it Thanks for the review
Where is it available