Thor Love and Thunder

1 Jun 2022

Guys, we all know Marvel Movies are reaaly good to watch due to comic , superhero , sci-fi and actions.Sice Marvel movies are franchise,one film is connected to others as there is Cameo or role of another superhero in someone's else titled movies.
Thor is well known superhero as he os is one of the most powerful and entertaining hero. He is a part of Avengers. He is god of thunder with Mlojnir and strombreakber as weapons alojg with he has supehealing and other powers.
So ,new movie titled with thor Love and thunder is releasing on July 08 casting Chris Hemsworth as Thor,and supsring and most talented actor Christine Bale as Gorr. Gorr is one of the toughest and hardest enemy of Thor. The movie has more casts as Natalie Portman as female Thor. The greek god Zeus is one the movie where Norse mythology and Greek mythology will crossover. The movie is direct by Taika waiti who had direct Thor Ragnarok . So this movie is also supposed to be masterpiece with action , heroism entertaining , magical 
and so on.

So be ready guys for this movie.

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