Devs are turning the dream of Web3 into reality- but we need more transparency.

16 Dec 2022

To be fair, Web3 is still merely a concept that is still in the process of being implemented. It should be noted, however, that talented developers will be able to really push this technology all over the world to become commonplace.

It has been possible to accelerate this process by providing developers with an open platform and an environment in which they can build and bring innovation to the market. This has been done by providing them with an open platform.

I believe Oracles play a very substantial role in this, and DIA is doing exactly what Oracles are supposed to do. It is accomplished by enabling financial applications to source, validate, and share transparent and verified data feeds that are designed for both traditional and digital platforms.

It amazes me that some of these main oracles - such as ChainLink - do not have their data feeds fully verifiable from the moment they collect the data until it reaches its destination. What are the reasons for the off-chain nature of some processes?

As for the costs, I understand, but I do believe that the added value provided by the guarantee of untampered DATA is worth the cost. To my knowledge, Dia Data is one of the few companies that is not like this.

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