Ukrainian pharmacies enable crypto payments via Binance pay

7 Jan 2023

Pharmacies in Ukraine are embracing digital payments amid the ongoing war, with a major local chain enabling payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
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ANC Pharmacy, one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the country, has partnered with Binance Ukraine to debut cryptocurrency payments via contactless crypto payment service via Binance Pay.

ANC Pharmacy is now enabling its customers to proceed with instant payments while purchasing pharmacy products online, the chain officially announced on Jan. 3.

The pharmacy chain operates more than 1,000 pharmacies across Ukraine, running its own online pharmacy service. According to the announcement, Binance Pay payments will be initially rolled out in Kyiv.

The new payment feature will be available at ANC pharmacies as well as ANC Pharmacy-operated stores like Kopiyka and Shara. “ANC, Kopiyka and Shara are the first pharmacies in Europe to accept crypto,” the announcement states.

In order to proceed with a crypto payment, users need to download the Binance application and then go to ANC’s website. After choosing a product to order online, users will be able to pay using Binance Pay and pick up the order at a preferred location.


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