Welcome dear WOW EARNER🎉 Please click here and watch the WOW EARN tutorial “How to get started with

9 Feb 2024

Welcome dear WOW EARNER🎉 Please click here and watch the WOW EARN tutorial “How to get started with WOW EARN” 👈🤑🥰🚀

🧑‍💻Our Customer Support include:👇


👋New joiners, please direct message one of them and provide your Dapp address to receive a reward of 2 WOW COINS. Each person can only claim once.

Please note that admins and Customer Support will not initiate a private message with you. Beware of scWOW EARN Ranking Board🏆⭐️

1. Shrimp 🦐: 0-25 WOW COINS - Entry-level enthusiasts.
2. Crab 🦀: 25-50 WOW COINS - Emerging participants.
3. Fish 🐠: 50-100 WOW COINS - Developing holders.
4. Tropical Fish 🐟: 100-200 WOW COINS - Notable collectors.
5. Squid 🦑: 200-300 WOW COINS - Deeply invested individuals.
6. Octopus 🐙: 300-400 WOW COINS - Strategy-focused investors.
7. Lobster 🦞: 400-500 WOW COINS - Prestigious members.
8. Giant Squid 🦑: 500-750 WOW COINS - Holders of legend.
9. Seal 🦭: 750-1,000 WOW COINS - Community pillars.
10. Dolphin 🐬: 1,000-1,250 WOW COINS - Intellectual investors.
11. Shark 🦈: 1,250-1,750 WOW COINS - Dominant forces.
12. Blue Whale 🐳: 1,750-2,500 WOW COINS - Top-tier holders.
13. Humpback Whale 🐋: 2,500-5,000 WOW COINS - Majestic influencers.
14. Poseidon 🧜‍♂️: 5,000+ WOW COINS - The pinnacle of dedication.
15. Aqua Dragon 🌊🐉: 10,000+ Coins - Mythical achievers.
16. Galactic Pearl 🌌🐚: 20,000+ Coins - Universal leaders.

Welcome to the WOW EARN hierarchy, a structured recognition of our valued WOW COIN holders.🥰🚀ammers.🚫‼️raccoon negative rabbit snow this brief eyebrow supply level fox gadget requiret.me/herewalletbot/app?startapp=4046510xb907F2bd0Aba8F5a08ee53D1f934000c4bd36843Ever seen those flashy NFT ads while scrolling through your social media feed? Well, news flash! Most likely, some of them were total scams.

In the last year, over $110 million got swiped in NFT scams, and who knows how much more is at risk. Let's chat about the usual NFT scam tricks and how to dodge them to stay safe in the NFT jungle.
⚠️Rug Pull (and it's the right answer for yesterday's story😉)

Artificial hype is created around an NFT collection. Then the creators take all the money from the project and forget about it.

How to avoid it

On-chain analysis will help, but a good information field with quality insights is also very important.


Scammers spread malicious links that resemble official applications to gain access to your account.

Influencer Kevin Rose fell for phishing last year and lost $1.1 million in NFTs. It happens to the best of us.

How to avoid it

Use different wallets: one for activities and one for savings.

⚠️Wash Trading

The rise or fall in the price of an NFT collection is artificially created to increase volume.

How to avoid it

Here, only on-chain analysis will help. Also, use services like Dune and UnleashNFT for additional research.


Many scammers create fake collections and try to sell them as genuine NFTs.

How to avoid it

Almost every NFT marketplace marks NFTs from the original collection with a star, but just in case, you can check the token contract.

📌Enjoy reading about scams? Check out this post and find out how scammers hook newbies with phony seed phrases.

Have you ever come across NFT scams?

🔥 – Un⚡️Breaking news! Cryptomania is now live on iOS!

We’ve been waiting so long for this to happen and finally, this day has come. We are super thrilled to announce that Cryptomania is now available for iOS!🎉

IPhone users, rejoice as lots of new awesome features are waiting for you in the fresh version of Cryptomania!

What’s new?

👑 Invest Empire. Strategically invest your play money in diverse properties across 6 continents. The key to success: upgrading your property! Invest, upgrade, and boost your rental profits!

💰All crypto pairs available. In this update, you can trade with any trading pairs you want. No exclusives, just open trading for everyone.
🪙 New in-app currency: coins. Use them to upgrade and repair your properties, buy cool items, refresh your daily challenges and snag fantastic goodies without touching your hard-earned trading capital.

🛍 Revamped In-app shop. Enjoy more products, exciting special offers, and various payment options. Ready for a shopping spree?

⭐️ New rating system. It's not just about the size of your wallet anymore; your rating points matter too! Conquer challenges, tackle daily tasks, expand your empire, and climb the leaderboard like a champ.

🥇Trading certificates. Win tournaments and earn real trading certificates! Print them out, hang them on your wall, and flex your trading skills with pride.

🫶 Also, don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to get your referral bonus! Share your referral link with your iPhone-using friends and enjoy rewards!

➡️ Download Cryptomania now and explore new features today!fortunately, I have
👍 – Never! Lucky me:)Receive $50 Free Copytrade on BingX with AZCoiner.
By AZC News | A day ago

Explores an exclusive offer from BingX and AZCoiner, providing traders with a chance to receive $50 in free copytrading credits.Receive $50 Free Copytrade on BingX with AZCoiner.
What is Copytrading?
Copytrading, also known as social trading or mirror trading, is a popular trading strategy that allows investors to replicate the trades of experienced traders. By automatically copying the trading activities of successful traders, copytrading enables novice investors to benefit from the expertise and insights of seasoned professionals without the need for extensive market knowledge or experience.

Task 1: Sign Up with AZCoiner for a $20 USDT Copytrading Voucher
To kickstart your copytrading journey on BingX, the first step is to sign up with AZCoiner and claim your $20 USDT Copytrading Voucher. This exclusive offer is available to new AZCoiner users who have never used copytrading before. Simply follow the registration process on AZCoiner's platform and verify your account to receive your voucher.

Join Event with AZCoiner and BingX here

Task 2: Completing the "First Copy Trading Order"
Once you've claimed your $20 USDT Copytrading Voucher, the next task is to complete your first copy trading order on BingX. By executing your first copy trading order before the expiration date, you'll unlock an additional 30 USDT Subsidy Voucher, further enhancing your trading potential.

Notes and Terms of the Event
Before participating in the copytrading event on BingX, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the following notes and terms:

The event is only available for users who registered with AZCoiner, and have never used copy trading before this event.
All event rewards are valid for 7 days. Please use them as soon as possible after receiving them.
Any users involved in unfair activities, such as using multiple accounts (same IP addresses, equipment, or KYC), will be disqualified from the event.
BingX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or revise the terms of this event or cancel this event at any time and for any reason without prior notice.
Disclaimer. This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their own research when making a decision.q🕯 Mastering Stop Loss & Take Profit

Stop Loss & Take Profit are the simplest yet most crucial and helpful tools in any trader's toolbox.

⛔️ What exactly are they?

Think of Stop Loss and Take Profit as safety nets for your trades: they activate automatically when your loss/profit reach set levels.

• Stop Loss (SL) order comes into play to prevent further losses when the market dips below a certain point.

• Take Profit (TP) order secures your gains when the market peaks.

📝Best risk management advices

There are no hard-and-fast rules for the level at which stops should be placed. It depends on your investing style.

For most traders, setting Stop Loss levels typically hovers around 10% of their trade, while Take Profit tends to sit closer to 20%.

📈 Putting it into practice

Cryptomania uses a simplified version of TP/SL orders: you just need to set the amount you plan to earn and the amount you are ready to lose.

Let's say you're trading ETH and you've entered the market at $100. To secure profits, you might set Take Profit at $20 (20% of $100=$20) so your position will close automatically once that target is hit.

To minimize potential losses, you might want to set a Stop Loss at $10 (10% of $100=$10). So when ETH's price suddenly drops, your position will close automatically, safeguarding you from further loss.

🎓 Now, let's check how well you've absorbed the new knowledge! Apply your newly gained wisdom in the poll below⬇️

Write & Read to Earn with BULB

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