If you want to get healthy, nourish your kidneys first?

14 Feb 2023

Kidney disease is related to many reasons such as smoking, alcohol abuse, holding back urine, staying up late, and eating

Once suffering from this disease, the body will send out multiple warning signals in the early stage.

If you don't notice the appearance of kidney disease early, then it will increase the difficulty of treatment in the middle and late stages, and it may not be cured in severe cases.

What signals will early kidney disease send out?

First,Foamy urine

Usually the typical symptom of kidney disease is foamy urine , which is a manifestation of decreased renal function . Once the kidney function declines, the protein absorption in the kidney will be abnormal, leading to proteinuria and increasing the foam in the urine.

If you want to prevent kidney diseases, you must observe your urine and urination.

Second, Increased nocturia

The kidney is mainly responsible for human urine metabolism.

If there is a kidney problem, not only will there be proteinuria, but it will also cause urination problems and increase nocturia.

Under normal circumstances, the phenomenon of getting up at night is relatively rare, and it is normal to get up once in a while. If you continue to wake up many times in one night, it may be that your kidneys are abnormal.

Third, Edema of lower limbs

The kidneys are also responsible for the metabolism of water, that is, metabolizing the waste liquid produced in time. If the kidney is abnormal, the metabolism of water will also be abnormal , causing water to accumulate in the body.

Over a long period of time, edema will appear, especially on the feet, eyelids and other parts, the phenomenon of edema is more obvious. These edema are all reminders of kidney problems, and timely attention should be paid to kidney treatment and care.

Fourth, Loss of appetite

Once kidney disease occurs, it will affect people's appetite, and then there will be a situation where they don't want to eat and their appetite decreases. After that, the whole person will feel tired and poor .

Especially in the early stage, mental fatigue will be more obvious.

As the disease progresses, the sick person may still have symptoms such as nausea and bad breath .

Fifth, joint pain

When the kidney is abnormal, it is easy to increase uric acid. Once the uric acid rises, it will affect the excretion of urine. If this continues, it will form a vicious circle, resulting in serious kidney function damage .

In middle age, men will have joint pain, high blood pressure and other phenomena.

In addition, there may be signs of anemia and urinary tract infection in the early stage of kidney disease .

Anemia is caused by the secretion of hematopoietic hormones when the kidneys excrete waste products. Once the function of the kidney is damaged, hematopoietic hormones will be affected , which may lead to anemia, and repeated urinary tract infections may also cause renal insufficiency .

It is recommended that people suffering from kidney disease develop good habits, do not smoke, do not drink too much, do not hold back urine, eat lightly, and exercise moderately every day.

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