Version 3 of the web

14 Oct 2022

The World Wide Web's dependable, resilient infrastructure was made possible by centralization, which also assisted in bringing billions of people online. At the same time, a small group of centralized organizations control a sizable portion of the World Wide Web and make unilateral decisions over what should and shouldn't be permitted.

The solution to this problem is Web3. The Web3, which supports decentralization and is being produced, operated, and owned by its users, is not a Web that is monopolized by big tech companies. Web3 gives people the ability to make decisions rather than companies. Let's look at how we got here before we discuss Web3.

The majority of people believe that the Web was created and has only been a part of modern life since that time. But the Web that most of us use today is very different from what was first intended. Breaking the brief history of the Web into two broad time periods—Web 1.0 and Web 2.0—will help you comprehend this better.

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