John Stockton (Part 3)

12 Mar 2024

John Stockton (Part 3)

Stockton, with fellow NBA luminaries, participated in the basketball squad during the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona, Spain. The 1992 squad marked the inaugural appearance of NBA players in a U.S. Olympic team. This assembly of players gained legendary status as the Dream Team, hailed by the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as "the paramount amalgamation of basketball prowess worldwide." Stockton further contributed to the 1996 U.S. men's Olympic basketball team. His involvement culminated in securing gold medals with both the 1992 and 1996 teams.

Following his retirement, Stockton returned to his hometown Spokane. Engaging with youth teams, he took on assistant coaching roles for multiple teams concurrently in 2003. The Jazz enlisted Stockton to mentor both Deron Williams and Trey Burke. Concurrently, Stockton delved into various business ventures, including construction projects.
In 2013, Stockton penned his autobiography, "Assisted," co-authored with his junior high school coach, Kerry L. Pickett, with a foreword by Karl Malone. Despite being considered for coaching positions with the Jazz, Stockton's tenure as a coach didn't materialize, with Quin Snyder eventually taking the helm.

On October 28, 2015, Stockton entered the coaching realm as an assistant for Montana State University's women's basketball program, stepping in for Kellee Barney. Barney's departure for a business career coincided with Stockton's past coaching experience with four players on the MSU women's team.
In 2021, Stockton's involvement in the "V-Revealed, COVID Edition" video series stirred controversy. He expressed skepticism about the COVID-19 pandemic and cautioned against vaccines, citing extensive research. Stockton's claim of athletes dying due to COVID vaccines was debunked by PolitiFact. His refusal to adhere to Gonzaga University's mask mandate led to the suspension of his season tickets in January 2022.

Hust Stockton, Stockton's grandfather (originally named John Houston Stockton), made a mark in professional football during the 1920s, suiting up for the Frankford Yellow Jackets in the nascent National Football League. Notably, Stockton contributed to the Yellow Jackets' NFL Championship victory in 1926.
Stockton tied the knot with Nada Stepovich, the daughter of Matilda Stepovich and Mike Stepovich, who served as the last territorial governor of Alaska. They call Spokane their home and are proud parents to two daughters, Lindsay and Laura, and four sons, Houston, Michael, David, and Samuel. The Stockton family follows the Roman Catholic faith.

Houston Stockton pursued college football, showcasing his skills as a defensive back for the University of Montana Grizzlies. Michael Stockton, another member of the family, made waves in basketball, notably signing with BG Karlsruhe in Germany's second basketball division in 2011, followed by a stint with BG Göttingen in Germany's premier basketball division.
David Stockton, after completing his college basketball tenure at Gonzaga University in 2014, ventured into professional basketball. His journey included stints with the NBA's Sacramento Kings and Utah Jazz, following a stint with the Reno Bighorns in the NBA's Development League.

Daughter Lindsay Stockton left her mark in basketball as well, playing for Montana State University, while Laura Stockton showcased her skills at Gonzaga University before signing her first professional contract to play for Herner TC in Germany in 2020. Her aggressive playing style earned her acclaim, especially during her tenure with TK Hannover Luchse in Lower Saxony, Germany, where she secured notable achievements, including winning the German Cup.
Stockton's family boasts a basketball legacy, with his brother, Steve Stockton, having played for the University of Washington. Steve Stockton's sons, Steve Jr., Shawn, and Riley, continued the family tradition, showcasing their talent in college basketball.
Beyond sports, Stockton has graced television screens in commercials for Foot Locker, State Farm Insurance, and Diet Pepsi.


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