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12 May 2023

The pair of Kaka and Kamini is amazing... It's fun to watch, hear and even just remember their stories. Uncle turned thirty-five late and he developed turmeric. Kamini means his wife. She was going to be thirty years old then. Her birthday was celebrated on the second day of marriage. Uncle's birthday was the day before the wedding. Then their shared birthday was celebrated the day after the wedding. Too much food. Kaka asked Kamini at night, what! What happened on the birthday? I mean what increased? How did you grow? And Kamini said, "What did you want to ask? Age grows on birthdays, what else will grow?" Looking at her for a while, uncle said, "It is true sir. Age increases, but along with it, desires increase, hopes increase, attention increases and love also increases..!" And Kamini comes close and says, "Really? My king! I will make you eat! Five five vegetables! Like you and me." Their life started in such fun, not just disputes. Always combine. No quarrel. Kaka used to tell me his worldly stories and Kamini used to tell us and we both used to tell each other. In the quiet hours of the night. It is not necessary to read some romance books. Listen, let me tell you some fun. Uncle Kamini's. Kaka used to call Kamini a new name everyday, today he said E Kashi... Kashi G Kashi? Kamini came running and said what is this Nath? What's new today? Then the uncle pulled her close and said, now a fly was sitting on my body Udechna, so he said to her "get up from my lap, look call me to cough" means you and look, the fly got up and coughed near me. Kamini said something, but why called? new name with? Uncle says that you are my queen! I will sing your songs! I will give you the coins, and go and bring me cold water! Kamini says getting up. Gentleman, sweet your excuse. Oh, water gives milk. Uncle chuckles and says "Wow, well done milk. Where did you go? With dairy?" Hey hey he says. Kamini brings water. and asks. Hey! What is your uncle's name? how i feel And uncle said to kill her? I mean you don't know? So listen, I am the oldest in class four. Do you hear tall and handsome? yes yes Kamini said. So you are handsome? Uncle said yes, there was a woman to teach us Marathi, kumarika, meaning unmarried. I am the class monitor. So they had to take my name. Now my name is 'Kamanath'. They used to say my name like Kamanath... Kamanath... and the important lesson in the book was "Kamanathachi Karamat" there were similar descriptions of Kamanath. They do not want to suggest their work by reading Kamanath. The lesson remained insufficient. He asked me what is your name? I said, "Kamanath Kashinath Kale". But everyone calls me 'work'. That's what she said Not to say. work doesn't take my attention. Is your name Kamnath Kashinath Kale? So from today your name is Kamnath Kashinash, the new nickname for hank is 'uncle', and everyone really started calling me 'uncle'. Then I slowly asked, lady! what is your name The fat boy in the class stood up and said, I know. I read it on the board. Tell me lady! And the big one said the woman's name is "Kamakshi Madhukar Shastri" and I quickly said Kamasastri. It's a good name. But lady, what does 'work' mean? And the lady said, I don't want to get excited, uncle. Shut up. Do you understand 'work' to mean 'karma'? Yes and as usual I babbled. No one's worm should be removed.

Part 2 ๐Ÿ‘‡

Karma should be done according to our religion, be it any kind of work. The woman shouted, uncle! And I was stunned and thought 'why' we have so much. Kamanath Kashinath Kale. Kakaka My mother, Kaveri Kashinath, Sister Kajal Kashinath means Uncle Alacha and you too Kamini Kamnath Kale means "Ka.Ka.Ka." Three layers of ornamentation. What to do with this why? Aye! So Kamini said reversely it remains uncle, but I find it difficult to call you uncle and I mean I have the same question about your names "Kamini Kalidas Karkare" means ka.ka.k. Was it so? Now we have to pay attention to the name of our children. Our father-in-law is full of Gemini. Okay she muttered. Look at your chatter, my work is half done! Immediately uncle said, "Which job?" Finished now, and says Kamini with a smile. Watch for some time. I am not talking about that job. Do you want to go to your mother's house, your mother-in-law's house? The bag is yet to be filled. Your screams in the night. People call us names, our neighbors listen attentively to our conversations. In the morning, Vaini said to me, Kamini, you should not talk so freely at night. Neighbors sleep in a peaceful environment. That's what the uncle says. Bavari! What did I say about the neighbours, my friend that Dhapani and his wife Chutni said to you that they are disturbing your sleep. Kamini said, speak slowly. Actually your friend is listening to everything and telling Vaini. It's good that there are no holes in your wall. Otherwise, all these people will be watching blue films. To experiment, verbal and practical, oh but what did I say? Uncle speaks in annoyance. And Kamini started narrating. Listen. At the right time, we sat down to pack our bags. Bhavoji had come home after doing second shift. They must have seen their lamp lit and sat with their ears to the wall. That's true, but don't tell me what I'm talking about. So uncle began to cry. Kamini started telling again. A lot of clothes in the bag. Yours and mine too. The bag was not needed. I was trying to press the bag. So you spoke in a pretty voice, Oh Sajni! Press a little harder. Press with both hands then I said, you press slowly. What did you shout like that? Take off that jacket, take off the blouse, I said. Rather than taking your pants off, isn't it? That's what you said. Now look how beautiful it is! No tension or false pressure. Come on, turn off the light. do it tomorrow Full in the morning. Listen! We were taking clothes out of the bag and they were thinking something else. You tend to talk about cosmetic mystery, those people interpret it differently. But yesterday you spoke in front of that Vaini. Even with a smiling face, how did Kamini Rani feel good at night? Hey Vaini, I was absent for two days. Treatment started as soon as it arrived. Take the dose as prescribed by the doctor. She slept peacefully. I was awake. Now what to say to that Vaini? So she said, don't want to talk like take off the jacket and take off the blouse. And as usual uncle said so and so. So they both took that meaning. let me go We were talking about taking off our clothes in case of bags. It's good that we didn't even talk about the inner garment. Shut up, Kamini shouted. That's what uncle said. Very true. Shouldn't have said that. Everyone should be in secret in the secret room. yes Be wise like this Kamini said and tell your dear friend to explain. Do not tell these secret things to your wife. Uncle said so, then Sundari did not listen to Vaini's secret things don't think And does not leave without telling the Dhapana. It benefits both of them. Kamini asks, how is he? Uncle and elder say oh Manmohini, Gupchoop Cha. They get angry. Dhapne is stingy and Vaini is extravagant. Come on, it's time to get closer. To the mother-in-law.

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