My Crypto Journey

2 Aug 2022

My crypto journey has been a long one. I have come a long way in this journey and I’m happy about the process. I got into crypto fully in 2020 by filling scrap airdrop forms that 9 out of 10 them were just scams Lol. 
With the help of my friends, I explored a lot about the crypto space and I discovered so much and equally learnt a lot of things I didn’t know in initially. We discovered how to make a lot of money using crypto arbitrage but it is so unfortunate that still can’t execute the arbitrage idea due to some government policies where I am.
This made us to proceed to keep learning more about the space. In 2021 I was able to discover legit airdrops especially in the Solana ecosystem which fetched us some good amount of us. Just one of the reasons Solana is one of my best crypto ecosystems. 
I moved from airdrops to ambassadorship jobs and searching for potential projects be part of the early adopters. 
In fact, I’m so glad to be part of Bulb at this early stage because this project is going to be massive very soon. It is a privilege for me.
I’m still on the crypto street, making new discoveries everyday and still learning more. I’m happy for the day I started the crypto journey.

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