For Business Online Visibility—Why Not Use Content Writing?

18 Jul 2022

Being online is important for business, but staying visible thereon is indispensable to its growth. For this reason, a business should be able to reach its target customers, engage them and keep them within its net—through driving search engine traffic to its website and ranking on the first page and at the top position of search results. According to MOZ, 92% of the people who search things online do not scroll beyond the first page of the search results—and on Google, people stick to the first page of search results 75% of the time. One might argue that advertising a website with a search engine is the best decision, but on the contrary, about 70% to 80% of search users completely ignore paid advertisements on search engine results pages (SERPs).

However, with quality contents that are optimised to organically draw traffic from search engines, businesses can stay visible online. This is because customers go for contents that are relevant and attentive to their needs. Therefore, businesses that ensure these in their content delivery will always stay visible online through retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. Effective content that is not just good, but also creative, attentive to detail, thoroughly researched and communicated effectively will keep the customers coming back for more. It should not only be a product of good writing, but also of research into customers’ expectations and careful meeting of these expectations in such a manner that the content reaches, and resonates with, the target customers.

To these ends, content writing should be thoughtful and persuasive in order to bring about contents that are optimised for search engine traffic. This will ensure that businesses stay visible and at the same time grow with the internet boom. Content writing in the form of copywriting uses the right words to craft contents that are not only compelling and convincing, but also persuasive enough to move the customers to the desired direction that fulfils a business marketing objectives, which not only achieves business visibility, but also facilitates business longevity.

Content writing in the form of product description provides information about a product's features, benefits, specifications and any other detail that is relevant to customers as well as causes the customers to make informed purchase decisions—and most importantly, it persuades them to buy the product. Not only that, in the form of press-release, content writing crafts newsworthy contents that are of interest to media outlets, which not only generates publicity for the host business, but also ensures its online visibility.

Content writing should not only be a creative act of planning, researching, and crafting contents that are published on online platforms in order to attract, engage and retain customers; it should also be one that understands how search engine works and uses the knowledge to optimise contents for more traffic. Therefore, content writing should target search engine optimisation (SEO) in order to be effective at delivering on its purpose, which is ultimately to ensure business online visibility. To do this organically—that is, in a way that does not require paying any search engine to rank the contents, and the pages on which they are published, higher in search results—content writing should utilise target keywords for a particular writing project.

What factors ensure that content writing delivers on business online visibility?
Content writing that secures SEO optimised content relevant to a business and its products should also guarantee contents that are easy to crawl by search engine at a faster rate: This is because search engines, like Google, crawl and index the contents on a website using the links thereon—outward links for hopping from one website to another and inward links for crawling the internal pages of a website.

It should at the same time ensure that the contents contain minimum links—because search engines flag a content as spam if it has a conspicuously large number of links; they avoid it, and hence it cannot make it to the top position in SERP.

In addition, it should produce contents that ensure good customer experience through being up-to-date. Such contents prove relevant to customers and hence are generally given preference in search engine results pages.

Content writing should guarantee contents that can be trusted because of their expert delivery and link to high authority websites—customers are convinced when a business is expert in what it does (or at least appears so) and always favour contents of such business than similar contents without such links.

It should as well ensure contents that are helpful, informative as well as relevant to search engines and the target customers; the contents should be able to attract the target customers and convert them into leads.

Most importantly, content writing should deliver contents that are of high quality, with the right keyword density, and of appropriate length: They will not only ensure that search engines rank them at the top of SERP, but also that customers are able to see at a glance their helpfulness and relevance.

In short, good, effective content keeps customers coming back for more. And for as long as a business keeps creating contents that are relevant to its engagements, helpful to its customers and optimised for SEO—the customers will keep coming back for more of the services, help and information that the business renders. This means guaranteed staying in the spotlight and being visible in the crowded space of the internet.  

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