What is Vlog?

25 Jul 2022

In simple words Vlog means Video Blog. In blogs you use writing and pictures, and in Vlogging you use self-made videos.Just as you write regularly on a blog, for Vlogging, you upload your videos to YouTube or any other video hosting platform. For this you do not even need to buy web hosting etc.
YouTube is the most popular platform for a vlog, aldso you can also use Facebook or Instagram. But the most popular  is YouTube.
When your channel is created, all you need is a good camera, plus video editing software. You can also use your mobile phone for video recording if budget is a problem in the beginning. You can also buy a DSLR Camera, Microphone and Tripod etc. to improve the experience of your subscribers when the channel is running.
You have to take care that the length of the video, sound effects and video effects are good? People like very long videos less, as well as the voice quality and special effects should also be such that the viewers do not get bored.

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somehow i also want to become vloger
Today is the era of videos and many people make videos and upload them on different social media, in which YouTube is the most prominent where you get to hear the words Vlogger or Vlog.
It's important to increase your self confidence