How to stay Active throughout the day

22 Jun 2022

★ One of the biggest barriers that people face when it comes to staying active around their day is their excuses and the work-life that they have created around their work routine🏃🏃‍♀️

★ How to set up a routine of daily exercises that don't interfere with other activities and priorities in your life?🤔

1. I am giving you some doable exercises that you can include in your routine life to stay fit while working.🤠

Use stairs instead of lift:
You can burn more calories a minute by climbing stairs. The good thing is, you do not need any extra time and burn more calories as compared to jogging.

Do this when possible instead of taking an elevator or escalator.

Walk while talking on the phone:
In today’s hectic world, multitasking is the only way to keep up with the fast pace.

Start walking every time you get a phone call, this will get you some amount of exercise.
So the next time your phone rings, don t forget to walk the talk!

✅Every 40-minute walk for 3 minutes:
walking can improve your cardiovascular health, reducing your risk of health problems like high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart disease.

All you have to do is walk for 3 minutes every 40 minutes. And that's it.

✅Do 1 Surya Namaskar every 1 hour:
Surya Namaskar is practiced as it’s a full-body workout. Surya Namaskar not only stretches your body but also works on your cardiovascular system along with improving blood circulation.

Regular practice of Surya Namaskar provides your body with some exceptionally healthy benefits.

Remember that any workout is better than none, with this practises you can do it quickly and easily.🎯

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