Sit with me

29 Jul 2022

When I'm in great despair and loneliness is a cage I look out from
Whenever silence envelopes me and numb goes my eardrums

Whenever the oxygen around me is used by only me
Whenever you look at me and all you can see is a lonely being

Whenever I sit in isolation and stare in the great unknown
Whenever I feel helpless and can't even fiddle with my phone

Sit with me, for my salvation may come from our conversation
Sit with me, for I may need someone to pour out my confessions

Sit with me, for I may need your help to get through tough decisions
Sit with me, for your presence may help me fight my depression

For if there's anybody that is scared of living than dying, it's me
I need you to battle with my suicidal thoughts, Please come sit with me

Jude Umoren, 'Sit with me' (online, 2021) <>.

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