Introducing KashDAO and KashCards

28 Jan 2023
In January 2023, we will launch KashDAO - a collective of like-minded crypto enthusiasts which aims to:

Stay up-to-date on the latest crypto-related market trends including price action and macro-related

factorsSupport the culture and ideals of decentralisation (banter!)

Collect dank art as NFTs from established artists and rising stars

Socialise together through periodic IRL (in real life) events, in partnership with JSTBCZ Underground Culture Crew

To support the launch of KashDAO, on the XX January 2023 we will launch KashCards, a curated drop of 12 NFT cards (one-per-month) from a range of different artists.

Crypto ‘normies’ still associate NFTs with monkey JPGs and pump-and-dump 10k PFP collections. This is now an outdated perspective.

Those who follow the space closely are aware that we are going to see dramatic improvements in the field of ‘FrameTech’ in 2023, which will bring NFTs off smartphones, and into the physical built environment. Hotels, corporate HQs, fancy homes and so on... this is your chance to be early!

The logic behind KashCards is that we seed interest from the current CryptoKash community (basically, just a WhatsApp group) and formalise this into something bigger that creates greater value, to a broader audience in 2023.

Initial ideas include:

Access to private Telegram chat providing enhanced weekly market updates, NFT whitelist opportunities, air-drops and so on.

Hosted sessions through Zoom, Twitter Spaces etc. to educate on key themes, including guest presenters from outside the CryptoKash community.

Potential collab related to the Money20/20 Asia Trade Show (being led by our very own Kash Hasan!)

Potential collab related to the Money20/20 Asia Trade Show (being led by our very own Kash Hasan!)

Formalise creation of a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) to facilitate voting in both a formal (on-chain) and informal (chat) way on relevant topics

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