14 Sept 2022

Man’s acquisition of knowledge is seen as the beginning of wisdom.This writing examines its meaning and different theories that offer comprehensive elucidations concerning its value and contents.
The meaning of Knowledge is that it is a philosophical concept that relates to the state of the mind and reasoning potentials of is an inevitable quality every person possesses from the stand point of Websters dictionary.the word knowledge is derived from the verb means the state or condition of being familiar with something that is experienced through one’s relationship with others.
The unhidden truth is that there are varied conceptual explanations about knowledge.This makes it impossible for us to admit that there is a universal definition of the concept.Therefore,the belief is that there is a general acceptance that the assimilation of knowledge by the learner is a principle goal of education. This acceptance is too more fictional than real because the controversy over the real meaning of knowledge is still functional.
Significantly, if someone sees knowledge as information,one’s pedagogic approach is likely to differ from the one who sees it as a thinking process.

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We should always have an accurate knowledge about ap particular thing, as we all know that half knowledge is harmful, isn't it?
Knowledge can be created in a variety of ways. Perception, which refers to the use of the five senses, is the most essential source.