Affections Misinterpreted

21 Nov 2022

We met, we clicked and everytime a thought of her crosses my subconscious I pen down a thing or two as if to say she stood before me. Words of praise and affirmation are what comes outta my mouth. With each smile and soliloquy I spoke;

"First of her kind, 
No resemblance to any creature whatsoever 
A Queen in authority, ruler of my heart down to my bones
Rugged as the sea waves and calm as the wind
Hot like the sun
You're beautiful don't let anyone say otherwise 
My unquenchable cravings for you grows persistent each day
Distance is but a space between us not our hearts
My own trouble and peace
I love you till forever
Your time is my time
Your choices, are mine.....
While engrossed in this trance of admiration, a voice from the background beckoned;
"Hello! Hello!! Helllloooo!!! in a Nigerian accent. Please could you point me towards the toddler section in the mall. 
Twas all a dream, an imagination so real I easily confused it for my reality. Might have forgotten to add that I work at a mall, and her in this context is MONEY.

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