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2 Apr 2024

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What is ICE Quiz Answers:

1. What are the practical functions of the ICE token?
-> All of the above

2. What is the vision of ION?
-> Reshape the digital world into a decentralized and user-driven ecosystem

3. What is the main purpose of IceQuery?
-> Provide a trustworthy, transparent, and tamper-proof database system

4. What is the development goal of IceVault?
-> Offer a secure and private alternative to traditional cloud storage providers

5. What is the goal of IceConnect?
-> Promote information accessibility, limit censorship, and counteract mass manipulation of narratives

6. What is the total supply of ICE tokens?
-> 21,150,537,435.26

7. Which blockchain is ION based on?
-> TON


  1. Join HTX.
  2. Complete L3 KYC
  3. Visit Learn & Earn Page.
  4. Complete Ice Quiz.

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