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13 Feb 2024

Mon Protocol is an IP Governance project that has partnered with Pixelmon and officially started its activity on X from January 22, 2024. For those of you reading this, it also means early access.

While the exact timeline of this project's development hasn't been precisely disclosed, it has been confirmed that on February 2, 2024, it received strategic funding with the participation of several small VC firms and angel investors, totaling $8 million in investment.

Even though the Docs haven't been made public, the project enjoys significant popularity with over 22,000 followers. To further increase its appeal, there are missions related to social media activities that allow you to earn airdrop points for the upcoming TGE.
This airdrop, like the previous ones, doesn't require any money, so feel free to participate and potentially aim for substantial profits!

Airdrop Guide
  1. Go to Mon Protocol Quest Webstie → Connect your X account //
  2. Referral Code: Defi_imam
  3. (No difference)
  4. Join a Daily Spin
  5. Participate in SNS missions
  6. Done! Participate in the Daily Spin every day to earn points! 🤗
What is Mon Protocol?

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