My Best movies

11 Jul 2022

Movies give us entertainment as well as knowledge. I mostly want to watch movies of science fiction , Action , Adventure . So , My few of the favourite movies are :
1) Predestination : This movie is about the Time travel and how things change  and really shows about paradox.
2) Butterfly Effect : This movies totally show us about how things are effect if certain changes are made.
3) Inception : This movie show us about the new concept of dreams and it's various level. And it justifies how time are different in different levels of dreams.
4) Memento : Memento is absolutely masterpiece movies , it's direction is amazing and movies is about a person who cannot remember events after his wife's death. But he's got a job to do. 
5) Matrix film series : This movie show us best levels of virtual world and how things changes in real world with changes in virtaul world. Or we can say that it shows us best levels od Metaverse.

There are many movies I watched and are amazing ,but for this blogs ,this much is in my blogs.

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