9 Feb 2024


Q1 what's the role of validator in the ice network's governance and Operation

Ans.. validator are tasked with maintaining the network

Q2 what block chain technology does the ice project use for its consensus mechanism

Ans... Proof of stake( P. O. S)

Q3 how much is the mining bonus in the ice project for mining simultaneously.

Ans... 100%

Q4 Extra bonus in the ice project remain valid if a new bonus is granted


Q5 How often do you need to check in for mining to earn ice

Ans....Every 24hours

Q6 What happens after you use all the accumulated day off in the ice project

Ans ..... You automatically enter the slashing mode

Q7 what information can you find on the team screen in the ice project App

Ans.... The current check in activity of your referrals

Q8 How is the pre-stake bonus in the ice project rewarded to user

Ans.... By increasing their mining rate.

Q9 How can you ensure uninterrupted mining if you can't tap the ice logo button exactly when the 24hour mining period ends

Ans ... Tap and hold the ice logo button for 1 second after 12 hours

Q10. What does kyc step #1 involve in the ice network.

Ans... Face recognition and liveness detection.

Q11 what is the network approach to governance

Ans... Decentralized community-driven governance.

Q12 which core principle of the ice project emphasizes the idea that success occur when people with good intention cooperate and work together

Ans..... The power of many.

Q13 In the ice project what is the purpose of the resurrection feature.

Ans..... To automatically activate the day off credit.

Q14 What type of bonus do you receive for friend referred by you (tier 1) and those referred by your friends (Tier2) in the ice project.

Ans.... 25% for Tier 1 and 5% for tier 2

Q15. How does the ice project aim to demonstrate the value and reliability of its digital coin to gain wider acceptance.

Ans.... By building trust with owners and users.

Q16. How can user earn ice in the ice network

Ans.... By checking in every 24 hour.

Q17. What factor determine the total supply of ice coin.

Ans multiple factor, including total registered user, online miners, halving event and bonuses.

Q18. How can user restore lost coin due to inactivity in the ice project.

Ans..... By initiating a new check in session and choosing the resurrection option.

Q19 what is the one of the main advantage of ice being an open source project.

Ans ......It promote transparency and allows anyone to review the project code.

Q20. What is the staking concept similar to

Ans.....investing stock.

Q21. What set ice apart from other cryptocurrencies in term of mining

Ans.... Ice mining requires zero energy processing power and battery life.

Q22. How long is the staking period for user who choose to pre-stake their ice in the preparation for the mainet release

Ans.... Up to 5 years.

Q23 when are user notified about the availability of extra bonuses in the ice project.

Ans.... Between 10:00 and 20:00

Q24. What is the primary role of the ecosystem growth and innovation pool fund in the ice network.

Ans... To foster innovation and expand the ecosystem.

Q25. How often will the BNB smart chain distribution occur in the ice network

Ans.... Monthly.

Q26. Does mining in the ice network require keeping the App open all the time?

Ans.... No, mining doesn't consume any phone resources.

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