Mainnet Guide — Kinesis (Evmos)

3 Jun 2022


Kinesis (Twitter : is a stablecoin AMM on the Evmos blockchain.


Kinesis don’t have a token yet. They haven’t announced any airdrop plans.
They launched mainnet on May 5th and is signalling that early liquidity providers will be rewarded.


Getting Started:
Kinesis is on Evmos. Add the network at if you don’t have it on MetaMask.
Get your $EVMOS from Rektdrop (Read the guide if you don’t know what is Rektdrop) or from the faucet.
Step 1:
Go to and connect your wallet. Choose one of the pools to deposit.
Kinesis accepts bridged tokens. For supported bridges, check
madUSDC, madUSDT: Bridge using Connext or Nomad.
ceUSDC, ceUSDT: Bridge using Celer.
FRAX: Bridge using Celer or Nomad.
Step 2:
Finally add liquidity and confirm.
Step 3:
That’s all for the guide. Ask at Kinesis Discord if you have any questions.

thanks for reading ;_)

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