An Introduction to DAX

11 Oct 2022

DAX stands for Data Analysis Expressions. DAX is used to write formulas in PoerBi, but also in Power Pivot in excel. These formulas can help us create, aggregate, or summarize data in our reports. DAX formula can be categorized into one of two groups, called calculated columns and measures.

DAX is not a programming language, however, it is a formula language that allows the users to define custom calculations in calculated columns and calculated fields (also known as measures). DAX helps you create new information from the existing data in your Data Model. DAX formulas enable you to perform data modeling, and data analysis, and use the results for reporting and decision-making.

DAX functions enable you to perform commonly used data calculations on the Data Model. Writing DAX functions is similar to writing excel formulas. DAX has additional functions that are designed to work with relational data and perform dynamic aggregation.
DAX functions play an important role in the usage of DAX for data modeling and reporting.


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