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15 Apr 2024

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is a crypto-powered blogging platform that allows anyone to create and monetize content. Unlike other platforms that require users to stake tokens or pay fees to post, Publish0x is free and open to everyone. Users can earn tips in various cryptocurrencies by reading, writing, or sharing quality content. Publish0x also hosts regular writing contests and giveaways to reward its community of authors and readers. Publish0x aims to democratize the creation and distribution of value on the internet through blockchain technology.

Read / Write Articles & Earn Crypto

Publish0x is a web3 platform where you can earn crypto by reading and writing articles on various topics related to blockchain and web3. You can tip the authors you like with free tokens from the rewards pool, and also receive a portion of the tip for yourself. You can also apply to become an author and publish your own content, as long as it follows the platform’s rules and guidelines.

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