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26 Jan 2023

Afghanistan is one of the most popular Islamic countries in the world. Today, everyone prays for Afghanistan's peace, you can also listen to and read the news about Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a beautiful country but faces lots of trouble due to war. Afghans people try to leave their home country and try to settle down for refuge in other countries due to the war. Here, we will discuss the amazing facts about Afghanistan. Let start

Afghanistan Quick Facts

The official name of Afghanistan: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Area: 652,864 Square kilometres

Population(2020): 37.8 million

Population density: 48.o8 per Square kilometre 

GDP (2020): $21.657 Billion

Continent: Asia

Capital: Kabul

Language: Pashto, Dari Persian

Official Languages: Pashto

Largest by area: 40th largest country

Religion: Islam: 99.7%, other: 0.3%

Government: Unitary Islamic

Currency: Afghani (AFN)

Time Zone: UTC+4:30 Solar Calendar (D†)

36 amazing facts about Afghanistan

1. Official name of Afghanistan

The official name of Afghanistan is the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

2. Landlocked Country


Afghanistan is a Landlock country. The country is bordered by Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan to the North. Iran to the east and Pakistan to the south. Similarly, it has a small part of the border with both China and India in the northeast.

3. Total areas of Afghanistan

The total area of this country is spread over 6,52,860 square Kilometers.

4. Population of Afghanistan

The population of this country is about 37.8 million. And in terms of population, it is the 37th most populated country in the world. Similarly, the population density of this country is 48.o8 per Square kilometre.

5. Most people live in Rural Areas

In Afghanistan, only 24 % (Percentage) of people live in their cities area, and 76% (Percentage) of people are settled in the area of the villages. Simply say that Afghani are mainly village-centric.

6. Capital of Afghanistan

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul and it is the largest city of Afghanistan also. Similarly, Kabul is also the economic and cultural centre of Afghanistan. This beautiful city is 1800 meters above sea level. Kabul is surrounded by the hill and the Kabul river.

7. Most people in Afghanistan do Agriculture

In Afghanistan, most people do agriculture. Agriculture is the main source of income because you can see Afghanistan is politically unstable. Foreign companies are not investing their money in Afghanistan. Thus people of this country do not have many opportunities so people are involved in farming. More than 80% of people are directly involved in Agriculture here.

8. Before the 17th century Afghanistan become a united India

Before the 17th century, Afghanistan become a united India. On 26 May 1739, the emperor of Delhi, Mohammad shah Akbar made a treaty to hand over Afghanistan to Nader Shah. Before the 17th century, there was no country named Afghanistan.

9. Religion in Afghanistan

During the 17th century, Afghanistan becomes a Hindu nation. After some periods, their main religion becomes Buddhism and now it is an Islamic nation.

10. National Game of Afghanistan

The national game of Afghanistan is Buzkashi. This game is very popular among the people of Afghanistan. In this game, two teams were made, and both the team player try to catch a goat while riding a horse and passes it at the goal line circle. This game is very dangerous but it is very interesting to play and watch. It has been played since the 13th century and is a tough sport.

11. Meaning of Afghans and Afghanis

There is always been confusion about these two words. Maximum people have wrong thoughts on it. Those people which belong to or are made in this country are called Afghans. And the currency of this country is called Afghani.

12. Afghanistan is the multilingual country

It is a multilingual country in which two languages Pashto, and Dari Persian are widely spoken. Both languages are the official languages of Afghanistan. Similarly, Afghanistan is the home of minor languages. More than 200 minor languages are spoken all over Afghanistan.

13. World's largest Buddha Statue

The world's largest Buddha statue has been made in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, many such statues were made but in 2001 all the statues are destroyed by the Taliban 2001.

14. Popular morning Breakfast of Afghanistan

The whole world praises the food of Afghanistan. But whenever you go to Afghanistan for the tour, you can enjoy hot milk and sweet jalebi for your morning breakfast. Similarly, the different recipes of local meat are also a popular breakfast in Afghanistan.

15. Opium is cultivated in Afghanistan

Opium is cultivated in Afghanistan. Many people are in Opium cultivation. Afghanistan is also considered a high production of opium in the World. Similarly, Afghanistan's opium is transported to every part of the world. It is legal to cultivate opium in Afghanistan and people do it on a large scale.

16. New Year is in March

Every year Afghanistan celebrates its new year on March 23. The new year comes for the whole world on January 1 but the people of Afghanistan celebrate on March 23.

In Afghanistan, March 23 is considered the first day of spring. From that day, they change their calendar and enter into the New Year.

17. Child Marriage is common in Afghanistan

The literacy rate is so low that many people get married before the age of 15. Every time this issue is raised in this country to ban child married but till now the problem is not been shut out. But you can see some change in people's perception of child marriage. Let's see when child marriage is banned in Afghanistan.

18. Literacy rate in Afghanistan

Only 28.1 % of the population above the age of fifteen is literate in Afghanistan. It means 71.9% of adults in Afghanistan do not have simple reading and writing abilities. Even today, most families in Afghanistan do not send their children to school. And even do not want to talk about their children's education.

19. World's most tasty dry food 

You can find the world's most tasty and best dry food in Afghanistan. You can also see some small dry food factories in Afghanistan.

20. Popular Hollywood Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger

The picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger is popular all over Afghanistan. You can see a photo of him in every house. Arnold rules in the hearts of all youths. Everyone is crazy about Afghanistan and talks well about him.

21. Every Thursday celebrate Pottery Night

In Afghanistan, every Thursday there will be a celebration of pottery night. Every Thursday people are gathering in one place and write poetry. People of Afghanistan have the ability they can convert the worth situation into a poem. On Pottery night, people write poems and share those poems in front of all people. By doing all these activities they share their sorrow and joy with all people.

Similarly, the people of this country are also very fond of singing songs. Here people are looking for a chance to sing songs. Even today there are many such streets where people play songs early in the morning. This is one of the amazing facts about Afghanistan.

22. Carrying cell phone shows the Status

This country has a low literacy rate but you can see more than 90% of people have a cell phone. Carrying a cell phone in Afghanistan show their status so people used it more cellphone here. Similarly, you can find the cellphone network at the maximum place in Afghanistan. But there is always a shortage of electricity all over the country.

23. Painting made from oil

You must have seen many types of paintings in the world, but have you ever seen such a painting that has been made from oil? These types of paintings are made in Afghanistan during 650 BC. In Afghanistan these types of painting are popular.

24. Afghanis popular for Carpet weaving

Afghanis are very much popular for carpet weaving. The Afghan carpet is extremely popular and it can export all over the world. For weaving one large afghan carpet it takes six to nine months.

25. Afghanistan become independent

On August 19th of 1919, Afghanis fought three wars with Britain, and after that, they declared themselves independent. Britain was never directly ruled in Afghanistan but their foreign affairs were influenced by the United Kingdom.

26. Afghanistan is rich in natural resources

Afghanistan is also one of the richest countries in the world in natural resources. Natural gas and oils are highly found in Afghanistan.

27. Only one Jewish person living in Afghanistan

Only one Jewish person is living in Afghanistan and his name is Blond Simintov. He is a restorer and Afghan carpet trader.

28. Fasting and praying are mandatory

Fasting and praying are mandatory during the month of Ramadan is a mandatory act in Afghanistan. Expects for a few such as foreigners and those who are sick as well as having some other issues.

29. First Democratically elected president

In 2004 Hamid Karzai become the first democratically elected president of Afghanistan.

30. Highest point of Afghanistan

Mount Noshaq is 7,492 meters and 24,580 feet is the highest point in Afghanistan.

31. Longest River in Afghanistan

Helmand is the longest river in Afghanistan.

32. Spending more money on Military

Afghanistan spends 89% of its total GDP on the military.

33. Internet users are very much Less

Just 10.6% of Afghanistan's population has access to the Internet.

34. Common foreign language spoken

The most common foreign language spoken in Afghanistan is English.

35. High number of Tribes

More than fourteen tribes were found in Afghanistan.

36. New National anthems 

In 2006, the government develop new national anthems in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan facts for kids

1. Only one pig in Afghanistan

There is only one pig in Afghanistan whose name is Khanzir and he lives at the Kabul Zoo. Afghanistan is an Islamic country so there you no find the pig. But you can see the Khanzir (pig) in Afghanistan.

2. Custom of Bachcha Baji

It is a culture that a boy around the age of 9 or 10 years is forced to dress as a woman and dance in front of audiences of adults man. This is popular in most parts of rural areas of Afghanistan since 100 years ago.

3. Mobile phone coverage

Mobile phone coverage is available in more than 90% of the country. Similarly, mobile phones are status symbols.

4. Kandahar Airfield

Afghan Kandahar airfield is one of the biggest single runways airstrips in the world. When it handled 1,700 to 5,000 flights a week.

5. world's first oil painting

world's first oil paintings were drawn in the caves of Bamian around 650 BC in Afghanistan.

6. Most of the Businesses and shops are closed on Friday

In Afghanistan, most businesses and shops are closed on Friday because it is an Islamic holiday. All the activities of like legal, political, economic, and personal lives of the Afghanis are governed by Islamic law.

Afghanistan famous for 

Afghanistan is famous for its Hospitality, culture, and tradition. When visiter visited their country they are treated with almost respect. Women are highly respected in society. It is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country.

Facts about Afghanistan's food

Most Afghans are Muslims so they don't eat pork or drink alcohol. Some of the popular dishes in Afghanistan included steamed dumplings known as Monti and pulao.

Meals of Afghanistan with Nunn and unleavened flatbread are very much popular.

Sad facts about Afghanistan

  • Civil war took place in the country between 1992 and 1996.
  • More than 50,000 people died in the country during this civil war.
  • Taliban can rule the country for almost five years between 1996 and 2001.
  • In September 2011 attack in the US, the US government and UK government coalition launched a military attack on the major cities of Afghanistan.
  • The living standards of Afghanis are some of the worst in the world and they are highly dependent on foreign aid.
  • 36% of Afghanistan's population lives below the federal poverty line.

Interesting facts about Afghanistan wildlife

Snow leopards, Red flying squirrels, Corsac foxes, and Desert hedgehogs are some of the animals that are highly found in Afghanistan.

10 Interesting facts about Afghanistan War

1. The United States spend more than $ 1 trillion in the Afghanistan war since 2001.

2. The war in Afghanistan is one of the longest wars in history and millions of people died during this war.

3. High children casualties in the Afghanistan war. One child out of three is a direct casualty.

4. During the Afghanistan war the U.S. soldiers committed suicide and the death rate by suicide is more than the death rate by enemy firing.

5. A football player of the United States Pat Tillman quit a $3.6 million NFL contract and joined the U.S. Army, and died during the Afghanistan war.

6. In the Afghanistan war Javelin missile is used which cost is so expensive ($75,000) and it is only used once time firing.

7. The first U.S. military die in the Afghanistan war was Nathan Ross Chapman.

8. More than 80% of Afghans support the United States in the removal of the Taliban in 2001.

9. A civil war took place in Afghanistan between 1992 and 1996. More than 50,000 people in Afghanistan in mujahidin infightings during the civil war.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Afghanistan rich or poor?

Afghanistan is one of the poor countries in the world. One study shows that in Afghanistan, more than 42% earn less than $7 per day. The GDP per capita income of Afghanistan is $508.8 (nominal, 2021 est.). Furthermore, inflation (CPI) is 4.5% (2020).

What are some historical facts about Afghanistan?

Some of the historical facts about Afghanistan are:

  • Alexander the Great captured the city of Herat in 330 BC and built its ancient citadel.
  • Afghanistan is estimated to be inhabited by humans at least 50,000 years ago.
  • Arab Muslims spread their religion of Islam in Afghanistan in 642 C II in Harold and Sarang.
  • Buddhism and Zoroastrian were the dominant religions in Afghanistan.
  • Genghis Khan and his Mongol armies capture Afghanistan in 1219 AD.
  • Ahmed Zara Durrani also known as the founder of the nation is the last Afghan Empire in Afghanistan.
  • Ahmed Zara Durrani has consolidated the country from principalities and fragmented provinces into one Kingdom.
  • After the death of Ahmed Zara Durrani in 1772, his son Timur Shah become the King of Afghanistan.
  • In 1776 Timur Shah transferred the capital of Afghanistan from Kandahar to Kabul.

Map of Afghanistan


When did the US begin fighting in Afghanistan?

In 2013, when the united states and NATO can draw down their troops around Afghanistan from that period the US begin fighting in Afghanistan. In 2021, all the troops of the US and NATO left Afghanistan, and after that Taliban took over all the government power and control of the country.

Cultural facts about Afghanistan

  1. Poetry is one a very important part of Afghan culture for thousands of years. Every Thursday in the western city of Herat, people from all across the city get together to share modern and ancient verses of poetry and indulge in some nice food along with some sweet tea.
  2. The new year is celebrated by Afghanis on 21st March which they called Nowruz. It is an Islamic festival that is celebrated by gathering thousands of people across the country to travel to the city of Mazari-i-Sharif. There is a famous mosque in the city which is called a Blue mosque or the Shrine of Hazzard Ali the cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.
  3. World's largest Buddhist two statues were first built in Afghanistan. Both two statues were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.
  4. Afghanistan is considered the place of origin of the religion Zoroastrianism.
  5. Handshake is the usual form of greeting someone in Afghanistan culture.
  6. Food is generally served on the floor on clothes.

5 basic facts about the Islamic religion in Afghanistan

1. Arab Muslims spread the religion of Islam in Afghanistan in 642 CE in Herat and Zarang.

2. Islam is a dominant religion in Afghanistan, and the culture is heavily influenced by the religion of peace and monotheism.

3. Most businesses and shops are closed on Friday in Afghanistan which is the Islamic holy day.

4. Islamic law governed all the legal, political, economic, and personal lives of the Afghans.

5. Fasting and prying during the month of Ramadan are mandatory.

Unusual facts about Afghanistan's economy

1. Women are treated as slaves. (But in reality, women are highly respected in society.)

2. Afghanistan is the only Muslim country. (Afghanistan is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country).

3. Afghanistan is not rich in natural resources. (Afghanistan is highly rich in natural resources like natural gas and oil).

4. Cricket is an Afghanistan national game. (Cricket is not an Afghanistan national game. Buzkashi is the national game of Afghanistan.)

5. New Year is celebrated on January 1. (New Year is celebrated by Afghans on 21st March which they call Nawroz.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discuss some interesting facts about Afghanistan. I hope you enjoy this article. If you have queries related to interesting facts about Afghanistan feel free to comment to us. Do you know more about Afghanistan and have you ever visited this country? If you did, then how was your experience with us by comment?

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