Here's One Tip to Boost Your Content Creation

30 Jul 2022

Sometimes it can be rather difficult to find the time to create quality content. It can also be equally difficult to find the motivation to sit down and write something unique. In any event, there are ways for you to make content creation far more efficient and easier. One tip that I have found quite helpful is this:

Repackage your existing content into new posts.

That's right. You don't have to create something totally new each time you make something. The trick here is to be strategic with the content you create. Obviously you'll still need to create 'new' material every once in a while but what you want to aim for is to create something that you can reuse in different contexts. 

A great example of this is writing a blog. I could first start off with creating a detailed blog that discusses my topic in-depth. Of course this would come with doing lots of research, potentially quoting people and writing a compelling argument. 

I could then repackage the content in my blog post in different ways. One way is for me to pull out a key quote or paragraph that I have written and make that text the subject of a tweet. If I was even more creative, I could turn that text into an infographic to post on social media. Even better, I may decide to use the content from my blog as a chapter in a new eBook. 

Repackaging content is not limited to blogs. Another content medium with unlimited potential is that of the humble video. There are so many things you can do with a recorded video. You could split the video up into small 5 minute segments which highlight specific points and post these as shorter clips on YouTube. You could also use the audio of the video in a podcast. The options are truly endless. 

Now that I have gotten you excited about how to do content creation more effectively, it would be wrong of me to proceed without mentioning one caveat. Of course you can't repackage content indefinitely. Preferably you'll want to leave a gap of a couple of months between when you reuse existing content so your content doesn't get too repetitive. It's up to you to make a judgement as to when your audience gets tired of your content and when it's time to make new material.

In sum, the aim of the game is to develop content that can be reused and repackaged for different platforms. This way, you're saving yourself time, money and your sanity.  

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@Eyesakov2123 Good tips! - I highly recommend using a content calendar. This will help you keep track of ideas, and deadlines, and help you stay organized.